The UKFC’s new report on (the lack of) diversity in film ignites a pressing issue: why are minorities underrepresented and misrepresented in film?

Comedian Jenny Eclair hosted a lively presentation from the UKFC’s Diversity unit at BAFTA yesterday afternoon.

Diversity head Mary FitzPatrick and executives from Harris Interactive presented the findings of a new poll of the UK population: Portrayal vs Betrayal, which uncovered frustration among minorities and the older female demographic, in particular, about their portrayal in film, which the UK population still believes has a significant role to play in educating and empowering audiences.

Yesterday’s audience had serious and pressing questions about stereotyping, the lack of talent from minority groups on UK TV and film, and why the US was so far ahead of us in this area.

And the ever-engaging Jenny Eclair was on hand to provide some humour along the way: ‘I’m not a cougar,” Jenny declared, “I’m a fox… I’ve got yellow teeth and I eat out of bins.”