The organisation Women in Film and Television has launched a free and confidential employment advice website and helpline, Workline. The organisation has been offering support and information to women who are employers, employees and freelancers in the UK industry since 1990. This new service is accessible to all who require such assistance in their careers.

The service received the backing of the UK Film Council and Skillset. The advice is provided by a team of staff with strong human resources experience and knowledge of the constantly changing guidelines for employment. Goodman Derrick LLP, a firm specialising in employment law, will be providing assistance.

Stewart Till, UKFC chairman and deputy chair of Skillset said, 'Workline has been created in response to people in the film and television industry asking for confidential, independent HR advice. With an industry as rapidly changing as ours, a service such as this is as vital to employers as it is to employees and freelancers.'

The staff is able to provide information on issues ranging from contracts, redundancy pay, pensions, sick pay and equal opportunities. The line is open Monday to Friday, and callers will be asked to leave a message, to be called back with an answer to their enquiry within 48 hours.

For further information, see or call 0870 850 7147.