Los Angeles-based Chinese actress Vivian Wu has agreed to play the female lead in Henrik Ruben Genz' Danish comedy drama Chinaman, which shoots in Copenhagen from April 16 for seven weeks.

Wu, who was born in Shanghai in 1966, had her acting breakthrough in The Last Emperor (1987).

She will appear opposite Bjarne Henriksen (Festen), who plays a divorcee who agrees to a bogus marriage with the sister of the owner of his local Chinese restaurant. In spite of everything, a relationship slowly builds until an ill-fated secret comes between them.

The script is written by Kim Fupz Aakeson, who has had both commercial and critical success with films like The One And Only, Okay and In Your Hands.

Director Genz has won a number of awards for his short films including an Oscar nomination in 2000 (Teis And Nico), and made his feature debut last year with the children's film Someone Like Hodder, which won awards in Chicago and at the London Film Festival.

Fine & Mellow Productions' Thomas Gammeltoft (Stealing Rembrandt) produces the $2.7m (DKR16.5m) Chinaman in a collaboration with Norway's Maipo Film and with support from the Danish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Fund, Nordic Film and TV Fund, the Swedish Film Institute and broadcasters DR and NRK.