Crossroads Films, the New York-based film, commercials and video production outfit which has a first-look deal with United Artists (UA), has signed a deal with French film-maker Erick Zonka to direct an English-language remake of his 65-minute 1999 movie Le Petit Voleur.

The film was the story of a young working-class man, who, sick of his mundane life in a bakery, turns to a life of crime. It starred Nicolas Duvauchelle as the lead protagonist "S" but was not as widely seen as Zonka's prize-winning breakthrough movie The Dreamlife Of Angels in 1998.

Nicholas St John, who has worked extensively with Abel Ferrara scripting The Driller Killer, The King Of New York, The Addiction and The Funeral among others, is writing the screenplay, which transposes the story to New York City and expands it. "The original is our starting point," explained Crossroads co-chief Dan Lindau, "and we will be changing it considerably in the US setting."

Crossroads development executive Eugenie Grandval brought Zonka into the company.

Crossroads has also set up a partnership with R Paul Miller, the producer of indie hits Prozac Nation, Men With Guns and Lone Star, whereby Miller will produce films for the company.