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Michel Hazanavicius Berenice Bejo

Michel Hazanavicius, The Search

22-Aug-2014 | By Tara Karajica

The Oscar-winning director of The Artist talks about his latest film and shares his concerns that “there will be fewer movies than there used to be”.

Mirsad Purivatra, Sarajevo Film Festival

18-Aug-2014 | By Michael Rosser

As the 20th edition gets underway, Sarajevo’s festival director talks to Screen about the birth of the festival during wartime and how it is looking beyond its borders for the future.

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal: ‘I never thought I’d be a film actor’

18-Aug-2014 | By Michael Rosser

The Mexican actor, producer and director discussed fun, friends and his future at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Sarajevo audience

Sarajevo: Audience behaviour


The ground-breaking Reaching The Audience survey is one of the biggest of its kind ever undertaken and offers a unique insight into the cinema-going habits of European society. This is an executive summary from the report by Attentional, Headway International and Harris Interactive.


Sarajevo: The viewers' discretion

14-Aug-2014 | By

A far-reaching study, to be discussed for the first time in detail at the Regional Forum, reveals the eclectic viewing habits of Europeans. Geoffrey Macnab talks to experts about its findings.

Film education

Sarajevo: Film education in Europe

14-Aug-2014 | By Xavier Lardoux

The creation of a pan-European film education policy can bring civic and economic benefits that will strengthen the film industry and, crucially, form the next generation of audiences, says writer Xavier Lardoux, deputy director of Unifrance, in this executive summary from the report ‘For A European Film Education Policy’.

Operation Kino's Punk Cinema

Sarajevo: The youth movement

14-Aug-2014 | By

A pan-Europe film education policy would help to develop future audiences and invigorate the region’s film industries. Geoffrey Macnab reports 

The Lobster

Sarajevo: Beyond Europe

14-Aug-2014 | By

The Regional Forum will explore how European film-makers can forge international relationships and open up new markets to build on existing co-production partnerships. By Geoffrey Macnab.

Sarajevo 2014 cover

Sarajevo 2014: State of the Region digital edition


Download the digital edition of our Sarajevo Regional Forum and Creative Europe Media Conference supplement.