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Hey Elitists, come back this film!?

Starting with its title, the documentary The British Film Industry: Elitist, Deluded or Dormant?, seems keen to ruffle a few feathers.

Vinod Mahindru and Robin Dutta are making the feature documentary about what they see as the troubled state of the indiginous British film industry. They ask: “Do we have any British Film Industry at all?”

Sure the British film industry, like any other country’s film industry, isn’t perfect and could use improvements, but is it really bad enough to warrant a film like this complete with muckraking title?

They have secured interviews with key experts like Ben Kingsley, Iain Smith, Alan Parker, David Puttnam, Chris Smith, Michael Kuhn and Ken Loach. I wonder how many of them knew they were signing up to a project entitled Elitist, Deluded or Dormant?

My favourite bit in the trailer is when John Woodward just sighs and says: “These are very, very strange questions.”

Source: Quota Films

British Film Industry doc trailer

And, in a cruel twist of fate, the graphics for the film look a lot like the BFI’s logo.

They have turned to crowdfunding to finish the project. So far, £30 has been raised for a goal of £50,000. Kickstarter supporters can get rewards such as a “I Love The British Film Industry Because I’m a Mug” mug.

They are calling it “the documentary Great Britain doesn’t want you to see.” Huh? Is the Queen banning it?

What I want to know is who is the audience who would pay to see this film? Or even watch the whole thing for free? A few disgruntled producers here and there, saddo film journalists such as myself, but certainly I can’t see any member of the general public wanting to spend an hour (or more) hearing film execs past and present bemoan their lot in life.

More info on the Kickstarter page or Quota Films.


Readers' comments (6)

  • Don't care about the film, but i do want one of those mugs though.

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  • I would be delighted to hear what all these people have to say, however off-putting the title and graphics may be. All of the interviewees in the trailer have the experience that makes their opinion something I would happily pay to hear. Whether the essay, idea, point the film's makers want to get across is something I am interested in is not something I could say without seeing the film first. A little less prejudice in journalism please.

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  • Don't bite the hand that feeds you. The British Film Industry - like any industry - is a rollercoaster at times. I personally have no interest in seeing these people pour onto the screen, the sum of their own negative experiences at the hands of the industry. Sound-bites don't make a movie... I am sickened that in the trailer, the 'filmmakers' make reference to the death of Tony Scott - as if the industry is accountable.

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  • I'm sorry how many people are out of work in the industry? Maybe you should tell all the graduates who are leaving their courses having been taught by people who never worked in the industry that there will be jobs? I think there are some legendary figures in this film and I would be interested in what they have to say because you would be foolish to believe that you know it all. I see Tony Scott's depiction as more of a tribute to such an amazing man and if you knew what indie filmmakers went through you have to ask yourself if it is worth it?

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  • sandip mahal

    Screendaily is not known for negative opinions outside of its film reviews so its interesting why this rubs you up the wrong way. The elitest media angle is the one we have been arguing a lot about recently.... Let's see how this pans out

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  • sandip mahal

    But then again who wanted to watch a doc about dying film formats and digital cinema? Oh yeah quite a few people

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