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Mark Salisbury

  • How the UK is addressing its crew shortage


    The need for specialist courses is rising; how does this compare in France and Germany?
  • 'Fantastic Beasts': why the New York sets were mostly built in Watford


    Legendary Harry Potter production designer Stuart Craig tells us how he built the world of Fantastic Beasts.
  • How Andrew Stanton fixed the major narrative problem in 'Finding Dory'


    “There was some glass ceiling on why our story wasn’t getting better.”
  • Training: Visual Effects


    Huge numbers of people are working around the world in the rapidly expanding VFX and computer animation sector. But where is the next generation of specialised talent coming from?
  • Berlin Q&A: Vincent Perez, 'Alone In Berlin'


    Arthouse favourite and fixture of period dramas such as Cyrano De Bergerac and La Reine Margot, Vincent Perez has moved steadily towards directing since his 1992 short L’échange.
  • On Location: 'Alone In Berlin'


    SCREEN SUBSCRIBERS: Originally conceived as a German-language project, Alone In Berlin failed to entice financiers. But when Hans Fallada’s novel was republished in English to huge acclaim, director Vincent Pérez re-imagined the film. Now it is making its debut in Competition at the Berlinale.
  • 'Ex Machina': rise of the machine


    As Alex Garland’s Ex Machina vies for five Baftas and two Oscars, the film-makers look back on its production and debate the pros and cons of an international release strategy that saw the sci-fi film become a sleeper hit in the US. Mark Salisbury reports.
  • Anthony Dod Mantle talks shooting 'In The Heart Of The Sea'


    Inspired by Turner and Delacroix, cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle tells Mark Salisbury how intensity was key for In The Heart Of The Sea.
  • The VFX of 'Ex Machina'


    In a year of stunning visual-effects work, Ex Machina’s bewitching robot stands out as a peerless use of VFX. Mark Salisbury speaks to the team that created her.
  • Emmanuel Lubezki on the gruelling shoot of 'The Revenant'


    Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki talks to Mark Salisbury about the gruelling shoot in ice and snow that ensured The Revenant became a wholly immersive viewing experience
  • Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin talk 'Steve Jobs'


    Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin, the director and writer of Steve Jobs, tell Mark Salisbury why it is crucial for film-makers to tell the stories of the tech titans shaping our world
  • Set report: Miss Julie


    Liv Ullmann’s first film as a director in more than a decade, Miss Julie stars Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton. Mark Salisbury visits the set and speaks to the director about relocating August Strindberg’s masterpiece to Northern Ireland