Terence Chang, Philippe Bober and Naomi Kawase are among the producers of the 30 projects selected for this year’s Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF, March 23-25).

Bober, one of the Europe’s most respected producers and distributors, is teaming up with award-winning Chinese director Lou Ye to produce Riddle from Zhou Hao, whose debut The Night screened at Berlinale 2014.

Chang, the longtime producing partner of John Woo, is co-producing coming-of-age drama That Summer, to be directed by new mainland Chinese talent Zhou Quan. Meanwhile, Kawase is serving as producer on a project to be directed by Cuba’s Carlos Machado Quintela, which is being made in collaboration with the Nara International Film Festival.

The HAF line-up also includes five projects from Hong Kong filmmakers of different generations. Following Doomsday Party, Ho Hong is returning to HAF with suspense drama Lost In Border, while Gilitte Leung is attending for the first time with inspirational sports drama Breathing.

Among other established industry figures nurturing projects from new talents are Subi Liang, Pang Ho Cheung’s producing partner, who is producing Luk Yee-sum’s directorial debut, Lazy Hazy Crazy; and Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ruby Yang, who will co-produce Stephen Gurie Woo’s documentary The Last Stitch.

Award-winning Hong Kong New Wave director Yim Ho will present big-budget epic Nanking Xmas 1937, which will be produced by industry veteran Ng See-yuen and is one of the biggest projects selected for HAF.

The line-up also includes the three finalists of the HAF/FOX Chinese Film Development Award: Leon Sun’s drama My Last Wish; suspense drama Unexpected And Ambiguous from Zhou Hongbo; and Yu Sen-I’s comedy My Beauty Queen Mom, which has also been selected for the main HAF line-up.

HAF has also teamed up with several new partners for additional prizes:

Chinese internet video platform iQiyi, which is also the premium sponsor of this year’s HAF, will present the HK$100,000 iQIYI Special Award, presented to a project from the Greater China region.

SCM (formerly STAR Chinese Movies) will present a cash prize of US$10,000 to the winner of the HAF Script Development Fund.

G2D Co will present the G2D Post-production Award to two HAF projects, giving each of them US$10,000 worth of post-production services at the company’s offices in Thailand.

White Light Studio will present the White Light Post-Production Award, which rewards one HAF project with US$15,000 towards post-production services at White Light Studio.

Editing and VFX production company MONEFF will present the MONEFF Award, which offers an in-kind prize of US$10,000 to the winning project.

Finally, the Paris Coproduction Village of Champs-Elysées Film Festival will offer a ticket and accommodation package to one HAF project to participate in the 2015 edition of Paris Coproduction Village.

The 13th HAF Project List:

The A Women (Australia)
Director: Hannah MOON
Producer: Joanna BENCE
Production company: Curb Denizen Australia

American Serial Killer In Manila (The Philippines)
Director: Mikhail RED
Producer: Pamela L. REYES
Production company: Pelikula RED

The Bicycle Girl (India)
Director: Shivajee CHANDRABHUSHAN
Producers: Shivajee CHANDRABHUSHAN & Triparna BANERJEE
Production company: Shivajee Chandrabhushan Films

Breathing (Hong Kong)
Director: Gilitte LEUNG
Producer: Richard GEDDES
Production Company: Terracotta Media

Die Beautiful (The Philippines)
Director: Jun Robles LANA
Producers: Ferdinand LAPUZ & Perci INTALAN
Production Company: Octobertrain Films

The Foolish Bird (China)
Director: HUANG Ji
Producer: OTSUKA Ryuji
Production Company: Yellow-Green Pi

Ghost In Mountain (China)
Director: YANG Heng
Producer: YANG Cheng
Production Company: Xiang Xi Yang Heng Film Studio

Hell Is Other People (China)
Director: PENG Tao
Producers: WANG Shaofeng & Lilly AUSTIN
Production Companies: Light and Magic of China & Heaven Pictures Co

A Jade Journey (Indonesia)
Producer: Edwin NAZIR
Production Companies: Karuna Pictures & Angka Fortuna Sinema

Last Days (China)
Director: Degena YUN
Producer: XIE Fei
Production Company: Youth Film Studio

The Last Stitch (Hong Kong, Canada)
Director: Stephen Gurie WOO
Producers: Ruby YANG & Alfred SUNG
Production Company: Repulse Bay Tailors Limited

Lazy Hazy Crazy (Hong Kong)
Director: LUK Yee-sum
Producer: Subi LIANG
Production Company: Making Film Productions

Les Célestes (France, China)
Director: Gabriel LE BOMIN
Producers: WANG Fanghui & Didier DENISE
Production Company: Bayoo Productions

Lost In Border (Hong Kong)
Director: HO Hong
Producers: Gilbert PO & HO Hong
Production Company: Film Plus Productions

The Man From The Sea (Japan)
Director: FUKADA Koji
Producers: KOMURO Naoko & KINO Yoshi
Production Company: Nikkatsu Corporation

The Memory Of Okinawa (working title) (Japan)
Director: HARA Kazuo
Producers: HIRASAWA Daisuke & YOKOI Maki
Production Company: Shisso Production

My Beauty Queen Mom (Taiwan)
Director: YU Sen-I
Producer: Rachel CHEN
Production Companies: We Share Entertainment,
Spring Bear Productions

Nanking Xmas.1937 (China)
Director: YIM Ho
Producers: NG See-yuen & YIM Ho
Production Company: Pineast Pictures

NARAtive Film 2015-2016 (working title) (Japan)
Director: Carlos M. QUINTELA
Producer: KAWASE Naomi
Production Company: Nara International Film Festival Organizing Committee

Pontianak (Singapore, Malaysia)
Director: Glen GOEI
Producer: TAN Bee Thiam
Production Company: 13 Little Pictures

Riddle (China, France)
Director: ZHOU Hao
Producers: Philippe BOBER & LOU Ye
Production Companies: Next Way Film Studios, Coproduction Office & Dream Factory

A Shade Of Paradise (Vietnam)
Director: PHAM Siu
Producer: NGUYEN HOANG Diep
Production Company: Vblock Media

Silence In The Courts (Sri Lanka)
Director: Prasanna VITHANAGE
Producer: Prasanna VITHANAGE
Production Company: Prasanna Vithanage Productions

That Summer (China)
Director: ZHOU Quan
Producers: Terence CHANG & Jacqueline LIU Wan-Ling
Production Company: Each Other Films

Time Capsule (Singapore)
Director: TAN Pin Pin
Producer: TAN Pin Pin
Production Company: BFG Media

What’s The Next? (China)
Director: LI Rui
Producer: Pema Tseden
Production Company: Beijing-Himalaya Audio & Visual Culture Communication Co

Wolf And Sheep (Denmark, Afghanistan)
Director: Shahrbanoo SADAT
Producer: Katja ADOMEIT
Production Company: Adomeit Film

Zhang Chu’s Novel (China)
Director: LU Yulai
Producer: CAI Shangjun
Production Company: Digital Jungle Production

2015 HAF/FOX Chinese Film Development Award Finalists:

My Beauty Queen Mom (Taiwan)
Director: YU Sen-I
Producer: Rachel CHEN
Production Companies: We Share Entertainment, Spring Bear Productions

My Last Wish (China)
Director: Leon SUN
Producer: LI Feng
Production Company: ICN International TV

Unexpected And Ambiguous (China)
Director: ZHOU Hongbo
Producers: FENG Mei & WU Dan
Production Company: Shanghai Tanshang Film Works