The film tells the story of an assassin who methodically kills off everyone close to a young woman, Luciana. She suspects a famous writer, Kloster to be behind the deaths, but the police don’t believe her, so she turns to the help of a rival writer

Prod companies: Haddock Films, Tornasol Films

Backers: Zona Audiovisual

Producers: Gerardo Herrero

Director: Adolfo Aristarain

Screenplay: Adolfo Aristarain. Based on novel by Guillermo Martinez (The Oxford Murders)

Cast: Celeste Cid, Juan Diego Botto, Dario Grandinette

Locations: Spain (3 weeks), Argentina (6 weeks)

Shooting from when until when: 2009 (exact dates tbc)

Contact: Gerardo Herrero, Tornasol Films, (34) 91 542 9564