Remake of Nigel Cole’s Saving Grace set in Northern Spain where a middle-aged woman loses her husband and is saddled with debts and so decides with her gardener to remove her prized orchids and grow marijuana in the garden instead to make some money.

Prod companies: Gheko Films, Gheko Films Sur

Backers: Gheko Films

Producers: Bruce St Clair

Intl sales: TBC

Director: Alvaro Begines

Screenplay: Alvaro Begines


Production Design: TBC    

Art Director: TBC

Cast: Carmen Maura (Volver, Tetro), Antonio De La Torre (Che: Part 2, Volver)

Locations: Spain

Shooting from when until when: 2009, exact dates TBC

Contact: Bruce St Clair, Gheko Films, (34) 91 799 4875

Status: Pre-production