Warner Bros Pictures International's violent epic 300 continues to indicate that it will be a worldwide phenomenon with a sensational $15.6m weekend in just 13 territories on 1,300 screens.

It opened in Korea with a $6.3m five-day gross on 353 screens, it took $1.5m on 115 screens in Turkey, making it the second biggest Warner Bros ever behind The Matrix Revolutions, it took $0.917m in Thailand on 120 screens, it took $0.73m in Hong Kong from 33 prints and $0.582m in India from 161 screens. It also opened in Puerto Rico to $0.546m on 73 screens.

Its second weekend total is $24.6m and it held well in Greece ($2.5m), Taiwan ($0.85m) and The Philippines ($0.5m). It should stay top next weekend when major markets opening 300 include UK, France, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

Warner Bros also had the second place at the international box office with Music & Lyrics, which took $9.1m from 2,900 prints in 46 markets.

The film opened second in France to local hit La Vie En Rose with $1.8m from 350 prints and top in Sweden on $0.24m from 50 screens. It also held well at the top in Germany on $1.96m from 621 prints.

Warner's Italian comedy Ho Voglia Di Te continued to perform well in its second weekend, taking $3.9m and the top spot for a total gross to date of $15.5m.

Paramount/PPI's family film Norbit grossed an estimated $8.6m from 2,405 sites in 33 territories to raise the international running total to $31m.

The result was powered by a $2.1m number one hold in the UK from 362 sites that raised the total after two weekends to $6.9m. Germany produced $1.7m from 505 screens for $4.5m after the same amount of time.

In two notable launches, Norbit took $1.1m in Spain from 234 venues that was 218% higher than the opening of Eddie Murphy's The Nutty Professor II. The film opened at number one in the Netherlands on $733,000 from 84 screens, which was 62% better than The Nutty Professor II.

Dreamgirls grossed $1.8m from 1,393 screens in 57 territories for $47.4m. Elsewhere, the drama Freedom Writers took $1m from 569 locations in nine territories, raising the international running total to $2.4m. The result includes a strong opening in France, where the film grossed $755,000 from 246 screens.

Family title Charlotte's Web added $1m from 1,318 sites in 51 territories and stands at $58.8m, while the ensemble drama Babel raised its tally by $285,000 from 311 screens in 15 territories to $39.4m.

The Edie Sedgwick biopic Factory Girl opened in the UK on $284,000 from 120 venues.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's Ghost Rider is bearing down on $100m after adding $7.3m for $87.5m.

The Marvel Comics adaptation stayed top in Brazil for the third consecutive weekend on $840,000 for $5.1m, and opened top in Argentina on $200,000.

Rags-to-riches drama The Pursuit Of Happyness took $2m for $135.4m and, with a running worldwide total of $298m, is expected to cross $300m before the end of March.

Sony's local Mexican production Nina's Mal held up well in its second weekend after opening last weekend as the fourth biggest local production ever in Mexico. It added $1.2m for $3.7m.

Fox International's Night At The Museum added $6.7m from 1,900 screens in 19 markets for $288.1m. The family comedy opened top in Japan on an excellent $5.1m from 575 screens that included previews.

The comedy spoof Epic Movie took $3.4m from 1,000 screens in 11 markets to raise the tally to $21.4m. The result was fuelled by two number one launches in Mexico and Russia that grossed $1.3m from 456 and $813,000 from 210 screens respectively.

The Last King Of Scotland grossed $1.1m from 500 screens in 34 markets for $20.7m. The drama opened in fifth place in Germany on $433,000 from 85 screens.

Latest figures put Notes On A Scandal on $20m, Borat on $127.4m, and Rocky Balboa on $72.1m through Fox International territories only.

The comedy Wild Hogs added $3.1m from 470 screens in four territories through Buena Vista International to raise the tally to $7m.

The film opened top in Australia on $2m from 237 screens, second in Russia on $775,000 from 200, second in New Zealand on $200,000 from 37, and finished top in the Ukraine on $100,000.

The thriller Deja Vu opened in Japan on $1.5m from 300 screens and has amassed $108m. It is expected to finish in the $115m-120m range and opens in China next weekend.

Becoming Jane ranks fourth in its second weekend in the UK after adding $1m from 325 sites for $3.5m. The Jane Austen biopic will open in the US in August through Miramax.

Hit comedy Hot Fuzz added $2.8m from 660 sites in three territories through Universal/UPI to raise the early overseas tally to an excellent $39m.

The spoof buddy movie opened in Australia on $1.3m from 186 sites, and opened in second place in New Zealand on $190,000 from 41. It ranks third in its fifth weekend in the UK after taking $1.3m from 439 sites for $37.5m.

Crime caper Smokin' Aces added $1.1m from 600 sites in 28 territories for $17.8m. CIA drama The Good Shepherd added $1.1m from 609 sites in 10 territories for $11.1m, while romantic comedy The Holiday stands at $129.2m.

Lionsgate's horror sequel Saw III grossed $1.1m from 17 territories over the weekend and now stands at $79.7m.