Cannes Palme d'Or winner 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days has been at the heart of some controversy lately in France.

The drama, which deals with clandestine abortion in Communist-era Romania, was also awarded the National Education Prize which is given to a Cannes official selection that has relevant artistic, esthetic and educational values. The winning film is then shown in high schools around the country.

But, last week, education minister Xavier Darcos said that the government grant normally given to the winning film to finance 1,500 DVDs for schools would not be handed out due to the 'harshness' of Cristian Mungiu's film. Still, the next day he decided to suspend the decision following protests from France 's Societe des Realisateurs de Films who denounced 'pressure from anti-abortion associations.'

The Human Rights League also lent its support to the prize-winning film on Monday as did screenwriters group the Union-Guilde des Scenarists

On Tuesday, Darcos was interviewed by radio station France Info. He said that the accusation that he had succumbed to pressure from anti-abortion groups was 'completely idiotic,' and added, 'it's not the theme of the film it's that it's a very, very hard film.'

Darcos said he will wait for the ratings board's decision on July 17.