Korean film director Sung-Bok ‘Myron’ Jung and Auro 3D Founder Wilfried Van Baelen brought their high-flying 4k and 3d spectacle Odysseo 3D by Cavalia to the Marche on Thursday.

The all-immersive experience centres around the ambitious live show that marries equestrian arts and daring acrobatic performances. On tour primarily in the US and Canada since 2011, Jung opted for a 4K 3D capture to best convey its grandeur and mesmerising visuals.

‘The show deserves more than conventional filming. I wanted it to also have a 3D sound experience where audiences literally feel as if they are in the venue with the artists,” said Jung.

Through a kismet meeting in Los Angeles, Jung was introduced to Van Baelen who helped him transform the sound to a multi-layered 3d set-up that includes sound above, below and directly overhead.

“Auro 3D takes sound to another level. You can easily convert from a 5.1 mix, or you can arrange with an ample amount of microphones during production. When done correctly, you can hear ambiences and reflections you can’t imagine,” explained Belgium-based Van Baelen.

Shot over the span of three days in Denver last year, Jung brought a team of 200 people from around the world together. In addition to the intricate technology arrangements, Jung opted for a documentary style that included interviews with the cast and crew.

“I want people to have a new experience when seeing a live show in the cinema. If you can add a human connection through interviews and a more sensory-led experience through immersive sound and CG, then it’s much more impactful to audiences,” said Jung.

The Korean film-maker is next directing a live musical performance in Tokyo across a three screen multi-sensory format, that will be simultaneously broadcast across other key cities in Japan.

The film was financed through Asian cinema chain CGV, private investors, Jung’s production outfit Fabulous Films and the Korean government. 

Sales are being handled by 9ers.

Auro 3D can be experienced throughout the duration of the festival in a bespoke 3D cinema at Majestic Beach.