After 11 years off-screen, Swedish writer-director-actor Lasse Åberg – whose comedies have generated over SEK 300 million ($45 million) domestic box office – is back behind and in front of the camera.

After The Charter Trip (Sällskapsresan/1980) and various  skiing, sailing, golfing and health travels Åberg is shooting The Stig-Helmer Story, a voyage in time depicting the childhood and youth of Stig-Helmer, Åberg’s returning character.

”A sort of autobiography,” he said of the film. ”As Stig-Helmer I had a caring, but slightly over-protective mother and an absent father; we were both exposed to various degrees of mobbing, he because of is glasses, me because of my black hair and slight figure.”

Produced by Bo Jonsson for Viking Film, in collaboration with Svensk Filmindustri, The Stig-Helmer Story will shoot on Stockholm and nearby locations till Nov 12, with Åberg and Jon Skolmen in the leads. Svensk will release the film domestically on Christmas Day 2011.

Another regular on the local charts, Swedish director Ella Lemhagen is lensing her 10th feature, The Crown Jewels (Kronjuvelerna), which Filmlance International’s Tomas Michaelsson and Lars Blomgren are producing for Svensk to launch in September 2011.

Lemhagen and Carina Dahl wrote the triangle drama about Franancia (Alicia Vikander), a young woman arrested for attempted murder. The film depicts the story of her life and her encounter with true love till the fatal night of the deed.