The Little Film Company has come on to handle worldwide sales on The Perfect Physique and is in talks with AFM buyers.


Kandice King directed, wrote and produced the documentary about the world’s top fitness cover models and International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Men’s Physique Pro athletes. 

The Perfect Physique centres on IFBB Pro Men’s Physique two-time Olympia Champion Jeremy Buendia (pictured) and other luminaries from the field such as Sadik Hadzovic, Jason Poston, Matt Christianer, Tonnell Rodrique, the late fitness icon Greg Plitt and top fitness cover models TJ Hoban, David Kimmerle, David Morin and Colin Wayne.

The film uncovers the internal struggles and sacrifices that motivate the models to develop the best bodies in the world.  

“This is a powerful film, beautifully directed by Kandice, that captures the dedication, humanity and dignity of a diverse group of incredible men and what it takes to become recognised in an often misunderstood sport and industry,” said The Little Film Company co-president Robbie Little.