A forest ranger is haunted by the disappearance of his four-year- old daughter, and the subsequent breakup of his marriage. He discovers his ex-wife Ana is pregnant to the policeman in charge of his missing daughter’s case.

Prod company: THE Film Limited

Budget: n/a

Backers: New Zealand Film Commission.

Producer: Trevor Haysom.

Intl sales: NZ Film

Local distrib: Rialto.

Director: Simone Horrocks.

Screenplay: Simone Horrocks from the novel The Paraffin Child, by Stephen Blanchard.

DoP: Jac Fitzgerald.

Production design: Andy McLaren.

Editor: Cushla Dillon

Cast: Antony Starr, Cohen Holloway, Sally Stockwell, Peter McCauley, Maria Walker.

Shooting from April to May 28 on Auckland’s wild West Coast.

Contact: Kathleen Drumm, head of sales and marketing, NZ Film, (64) 4 382 7680.