She will cover Pauline Burt’s maternity leave.

The Film Agency for Wales has appointed Suzanne Alizart as interim Chief Executive, covering Pauline Burt’s maternity leave.

The post takes effect from Monday.

Alizart was recently head of content creation for regional screen agency EM Media, where she worked on films including Bronson, Tyrannosaur and Oranges and Sunshine.

She previously worked with the Film Agency For Agency with EM Media’s co-financed feature A Boy Called Dad, which shot partly in North Wales.

Peter Edwards, Chairman of the Film Agency for Wales, said: “Despite the economic and political challenges, Pauline has done an incredible job to build the Film Agency for Wales as the lead authority on film in Wales. Given her experience with EM Media, a notably prolific and innovative screen agency in England, Suzanne has the necessary skills and experience to lead the team over the next few months and to continue with the important on-going strategic and partnership work that is central to our role. She has a particular understanding of the complex funding regimes involved, talent development and reaching audiences, and will undoubtedly remain true to our core values of accessibility and transparency.”

Alizart added: “Coming from an integrated screen agency background and dedicated to achieving the very best economic and cultural outcomes for film, I am tremendously excited to be given the chance to apply my skills and experience in a broader national context. The Film Agency for Wales is known for its enabling approach, highly-skilled team and successful output, with recent films including Submarine, Sleep Furiously and Patagonia, as well as the inspirational roll-out of FilmClub packaged and the innovative network approach of the Wales Specialist Film Exhibition Group and Festival Forum. I am delighted to be on board, particularly during this time of opportunity with the Chris Smith Film Policy Review, BFI forward plan and Welsh Government support mechanisms all actively progressing.”

Pauline Burt is expected to return to her post with the Film Agency for Wales in March 2012.