The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) has invited 135 people invited to join the organisation’s roster of voting members.

The Hurt Locker’s Oscar winning producer Nicolas Chartier is omitted from the list. Chartier was famously banned from attending the awards ceremony earlier this year after he wrote an email exhorting AMPAS members to vote for the war drama at the expense of other contenders.

A spokesperson for AMPAS said that an Oscar win did not necessarily guarantee an invitation and added that AMPAS took potential members’ body of work into account before extending an invitation. The Hurt Locker’s Oscar nominated cinematographer Barry Ackroyd and winning writer-producer Mark Boal have both been invited to join.

The Academy’s membership policies would have allowed a maximum of 180 new members in 2010, but as in other recent years, the branch committees chose to endorse fewer candidates.

Voting membership in the organisation has held steady at just under 6,000 members since 2003. New members will be welcomed into the Academy at a reception in Beverly Hills in September.

Among the invitees are Oscar winners Mo’Nique, Christoph Waltz and Juan Jose Campanella, as well as Carey Mulligan, Saoirse Ronan, David Kosse, President of International, Universal Pictures and Relativity Media head Ryan Kavanaugh.

“The work of these individuals has been appreciated by moviegoers all around the world,” AMPAS president Tom Sherak said. “The Academy is proud to invite each and every one of them.”A