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ARGENTINA - August 1


(Verbum) Budget: $625,000. Backer: Incaa. Drama. A psychiatrist turns his patients' stories into best-selling novels. Exec prods: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Rodolfo Duran. Prod/dir/scr: Duran. Main cast: Daniel Rabinovich, Manuel Callau, Diego Peretti, Claudia Fontan, Noemi Frenkel. Shooting from Feb 15, 2004.
Contact: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Verbum, (54) 11 4300 5671

(Verbum) Budget: $625,000. Backer: Incaa. Drama. A woman returns to Buenos Aires after several years and meets the man who kept her captive in a concentration camp. Exec prods: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Rodolfo Duran. Prod: Duran. Dir: Mario Levin. Scr: Levin, Luis Gusman. Main cast: Cecilia Roth, Mercedes Moran, Pablo Iema, Antonio Ugo, Lito Cruz. Shooting from March 15, 2004.
Contact: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Verbum, (54) 11 4300 5671

(Bdcine) Co-prod: Wap Media. Drama. Diary of a homosexual writer who is HIV positive. Prods: Daniel Burman, Diego Dubcovsky. Dir: Anahi Berneri. Scr: Pablo Perez, Anahi Berneri. Main cast: Barbara Lombardo, Daniel Quinteros Shooting from October 2003 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Carolina Moya, (54) 11 4554 5182

(Pensa & Rocca Prods) Budget: $400,000. Backer: Incaa, Escuela Professional De Cinematografia De Eliseo Subiela. Comedy. A catatonic 69-year-old woman is found to be pregnant - and her sons go looking for revenge. Exec prods/dirs: Daniel Pensa, Miguel Angel Rocca. Prod: Edgardo Gonzalez Amer. Scr: Alan Pauls. Main cast: Nazareno Casero, Daniel Freire, Alejandro Awada, Cristina Banegas. Shooting from Aug 25 until Oct 12 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Edgardo Gonzalez Amer, (54) 11 4784 0908

ATLANTIC HOTEL (hotel atlantico)
(Planifilmes [Braz]) Co-prod: Matanza Cine. Drama. An unemployed actor sells his car and hits the road. Dir/scr: Suzana Amaral.
Contact: Matanza Cine, (54) 11 4861 4006

AVELLANEDA'S MOON (luna de avellaneda)
(Pol-ka Prods) Co-prods: Jempsa, Tornasol Films (Sp). Budget: $2.5m. Int'l sales: Menemsha Entertainment. Dist: Distribution Company (Arg, Chile, Ur), Alta Films (Sp). Drama-comedy. Club members try to revive its glory days. Exec prods: Juan Pablo Galli, Juan Vera, Mariela Besuievsky. Prods: Adrian Suar, Fernando Blanco, Jorge Estrada Mora, Gerardo Herrero. Dir: Juan Jose Campanella. Scr: Fernando Castets, Campanella, Juan Pablo Domenech. Main cast: Ricardo Darin, Eduardo Blanco, Mercedes Moran, Valeria Bertucelli, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez. Shooting from August until October 2003 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Menemsha Entertainment, (1) 310 712 3720

(MantaRaya Cine) Budget: $1.3m. Drama. A teen who gets his older neighbour pregnant moves in with her parents. Prod: Jose Osvaldo Musa. Dir/scr: Fernando Musa. Main cast: Enrique Liporace, Mirtha Busneli, Marina Glazer.
Contact: Fernando Musa, (54) 11 4821 1454/

(OneMedia Argentina) Budget: $1.5m. Drama. A young Scottish photographer flies to Buenos Aires to find the soccer player his mother says is his father. Exec prod: Veronica Cura. Prod/dir/scr: Osvaldo Hamer. DoP: Ramiro Civita. Shooting in 2004 in Buenos Aires and Glasgow.
Contact: Hamer, (54) 11 4312 7883

(Verbum) Budget: $750,000. Backers: Incaa. Thriller. A bank robber holes up in a downtown skyscraper, a micrososm of Argentine society, where he becomes one of thousands of employees - a prisoner. Exec prods: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Rodolfo Duran. Prod: Duran. Dir: Montes Bradley. Scr: Duran. Main cast: Diego Peretti, Alfredo Casero, Montes Bradley, Carlos Moreno, Carlos Bala. Shooting from December 2003.
Contact: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Verbum, (54) 11 4300 5671

(Juan Carlos Fisner Prods) Backer: Incaa. Comedy drama. Allegory of present-day Argentina. Dir: Marcelo Mangone. Scr: Julio Cardozo. Main cast: Quique Liporace, Luis Paccini. Shooting from August to September 2003 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Fisner, (54) 11 4372 2036

THE EDGE OF TIME (el borde del tiempo)
(Barakacine) Backer: Incaa. Drama. Exec prod: Marcelo Schapces. Dir/scr: Jorge Rocca.
Contact: Marcelo Schapces, Barakacine, (54) 11 4924 0995

(El Grito Prods) Co-prod: Milleetune Productions (Fr). Drama. Prod: Roberto Ferro. Dir/scr: Gustavo Corrado. Main cast: Jalil Lespert, Jean Pierre Reguerraz, Aldo Barbero.
Contact: Roberto Ferro, (54) 11 4825 9467

GEMINI (geminis)
(Matanza Cine) Co-prods: Carri-Fonds Sud (Fr), Fireball Films (US). Family drama. Two siblings enjoy a passionate affair that their brother is determined to reveal. Dir: Albertina Carri. Scr: Carri, Santiago Giralt.
Contact: Matanza Cine, (54) 11 4861 4006

(MKM Prods) Drama. Based on the novel by Paul Auster. A once wealthy country falls into misery. Prod: Fernando Safdie. Dir/scr: Alejandro Chomski.
Contact: Fernando Safdie, (54) 11 4788 9002

(Flesh And Fire) Docu-fiction. Story of a nudist actress. Prod: Juan Carlos Fisner. Dir/scr: Diego Urubeto. Shooting in August and September in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Fisner, (54) 11 4372 2036

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME (no sos vos, soy yo)
(Rizoma/Musiluppi) Co-prod: Peluca Films. Budget: $450,000. Backers: Incaa, Peluca Films, Enrique Garcia. Comedy. How an immature man survives after his girlfriend dumps him. Exec prod/prod: Hernan Musaluppi. Co-prod/dir/scr: Juan Taratuto. Main cast: Diego Peretti, Cecilia Dopazo, Soledad Villamil, Luis Brandoni, Ricardo Merkin. Shooting from July 21 until Aug 29 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Rizoma, (54) 11 4556 1519

MEN OF DECEMBER (hombres de diciembre)
(Alce Cine Prod [Chil], Matanza Cine) Exec prods: Ernesto Egert E, Adrian Solar. In late 1978, the military dictatorships of Argentina and Chile prepare to face off; but on one potential battle front a dog is stranded in No Man's Land. Dir: Alex Bowen.
Contact: Matanza Cine, (54) 11 4861 4006

(Tercer Milenio) Co-prod: Aries Cinematografica Argentina. Budget: $3m. Backer: Incaa. In'tl sales: Aries Cinematografica Argentina. Drama. The story of the rise and fall of Juan Ramon Duarte, Evita Peron's brother, a travelling salesman who became a wealthy film industry playboy - but whose death was shrouded in mystery. Exec prod: Dolores Bengolea. Prod/dir: Hector Olivera. Scr: Jose Pablo Feinmann. Main cast: Ines Estevez, Leticia Bredice, Laura Novoa, Jorge Marrale, Norma Aleandro. Shooting from Oct 6 until Dec 12 in Buenos Aires.
Contact: Dolores Bengolea, Tercer Milenio, (54) 11 4771 2752/4777 0404

ROLLING FAMILY (familia rodante)
(Matanza Cine) Comedy drama. When a grandmother is chosen to be godmother for a wedding back in her home town, the rest of the family tag along in a motor home. Prods: Pablo Trapero, Hugo Castro Fau, Martina Gusman. Dir/scr: Trapero.
Contact: Matanza Cine, (54) 11 4861 4006/4772 4945

SAY GOOD MORNING TO DAD (di buen dia a papa)
(Ego Audiovisual [Bolivia]) Co-prod: Matanza Cine. Drama. The burial of Che Guevara's body in a remote Bolivian town sparks strange incidents. Dir: Fernando Vargas. Scr: Vargas, Veronica Cordova
Contact: Matanza Cine, (54) 4861 4006

(Verbum) Budget: $625,000. Backers: Incaa. Drama. A love triangle overcomes the negligence of time and the painful experience of Argentina's Dirty War. Exec prods: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Duran. Prod: Rodolfo Duran. Dir: Montes Bradley. Scr: Mario Diament. Main cast: Alejandra Darin, Daniel Fanego, Julio Chavez, Diego Peretti, Isaac Haimovici. Shooting from Jan 1, 2004
Contact: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Verbum, (54) 11 4300 5671

(Verbum) Budget: $625,000. Backer: Incaa. Drama/farce. An alleged Nazi officer and his subordinate take refuge in a safe bunker - but an army of Jewish survivors make their lives miserable. Exec prods: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Rodolfo Duran. Prod: Duran. Dir/scr: Daniel Guebel. Main cast: Alfredo Alcon, Norman Briski, Eduardo Pavlovsky, Lito Cruz. Shooting from April 15, 2004.
Contact: Eduardo Montes Bradley, Verbum, (54) 11 4300 5671

TATTOOED (tatuado)
(Barakacine). Backers: Incaa. Exec prod: Noemi Fuhrer. Drama. A teenager sets out to find his mother. Dir: Eduardo Raspo. Scr: Enrique Cortes, Raspo.
Contact: Noemi Fuhrer, (54) 11 4924 0995

(Barakacine) Backer: Incaa. Drama. After his father dies in a freak accident, Olmo heads for Spain to meet the mother his father claimed was dead. Exec prod: Noemi Fuhrer. Dir: Marcelo Schapces. Scr: Schapces, Julio Cardoso.
Contact: Barakacine, (54) 11 4924 0995

(Ctrl Z Films [Ur]) Budget: $550,000. Co-prods: Rizoma Films, Canal Plus (Sp), NHK (Jap), Pandora Film (Ger), Festival D'Amiens (Fr), Fona (Ur), Incaa (Arg). Int'l sales: Bavaria Film. Drama-comedy. A 60-year-old owner of a sock factory visits his detestable brother - but hilarity ensues when he arranges for one of his employees to pretend to be his wife. Exec prods: Fernando Epstein, Hernan Musaluppi. Prod: Fernando Epstein. Dirs: Juan Pablo Reballa, Pablo Stoll. Scr: Reballa, Stoll, Gonzalo Delgado. Shooting from July 8 until Aug 22 in Montevideo and Pririapolis, Uruguay.
Contact: Control Zeta Films, (59) 82 410 0722


(Bdcine) Co-prods: Wanda Vision (Sp), Paradis Films (Fr), Storie (It). Backers: Incaa, Canal Plus, Fond Sud Cinema. Int'l sales: Bavaria Films International. Drama comedy. A Jewish father and son reunite after a 25-year separation. Co-prods: Amedeo Pagani, Jose Maria Morales, Marc Sillam. Dir: Daniel Burman. Scr: Burman, Marcelo Birmajer. Main cast: Daniel Hendler, Adriana Aizenberg, Jorge D Elia, Diego Korol, Sergio Boris.
Contact: Carolina Moya, (54) 11 4554 5182

(Sebastian D'Angelo Prods) Budget: $172,000. Backer: Incaa. Dist: Sebastian D'Angelo. Drama. Four men are holed up together, awaiting a radio signal to embark on a mission. Prod: D'Angelo. Dir: Federico Arzeno. Scr: Victor Miguel. Main cast: Diego Carreno, Joaquin Marques, D'Angelo, Nicolas Fiore.
Contact: Sebastian D'Angelo, (54) 11 4342 6264

(Pablo Bardauil) Budget: $160,000. Backer: Incaa. Drama. Three neighbours unite against a fourth to have him kicked out of their apartment block. Exec prod: Pablo Bardauil. Prods: Maria Jose Fuentebuena, Veronica Lutowicz. Dir: Pablo Bardauil, Franco Verdoia. Scr: Bardauil. Main cast: Jose Luis Alfonzo, Maria Lorenzutti, Erica Rivas, Patrizia Camponovo, Lito Cruz.
Contact: Pablo Bardauil, (54) 11 4361 6388

(Arca Difusion) Co-prod: Cacerola Films (Mex). Dir: Hugo Rodriguez. Scr: Martin Salinas. Main cast: Diego Luna.
Contact: (54) 11 4827 3966

(Gabriel Arbos Prods) Budget: $300,000. Backer: Incaa. Police drama. A girl is kidnapped by a sect. Father rescues reluctant girl. Dir: Gabriel Arbos. Scr: Alfredo Silleta, Arbos. Main cast: Jorge Marale, Jose Luis Alfonzo, Laura Agorreca, Maria Fiorentino, Alicia Zanca.
Contact: Arbos, (54) 11 4863 3711

EYES (ojos) (formerly rec)
(Fernando Regalado Prods) Backer: Incaa. Docu-fiction. Four stories told from the viewpoint of a camera as it passes from one person to another. Exec prods: Alberto Trigo, Fernando Regalado. Dir/scr: Jesus Braceras. Main cast: Diego Lescano, Diego Julio, Luis Gianneo, Eduardo Matanza, Cristian Cires.
Contact: Regalado, (54) 11 4654 9432

THE HIDDEN TIGER (el tigre escondido)
(Kaos Cooperativa) Budget: $531,914. Dark comedy. A miserable couple and their housekeeper go on holiday together. Exec prod/dir/ed: Luis Barone. Scr: Barone, Liliana Esclair, Guillermo Saccomano. Main cast: Alejandro Awada, Mausi Martinez, Natalia Kim, Pedro Segni, Pablo Cedron.
Contact: Laura Bruno, Kaos Cooperativa, (54) 11 4383 9095/ 4382 3751

LILI'S PINAFORE (el delantal de lili) (formerly ramon ramona)
(Galperin Producciones). Budget: $300,000. Thriller/dark comedy. Love and the economic crisis collide in one household. Exec prod/dir: Mariano Galperin. Scr: Galperin, Guido Jose Misrahi. Main cast: Luis Siembroszy, Paula Ituriza, Cristina Banegas.
Contact: Mariano Galperin (54) 11 4541 7884

LITTLE SKY (el cielito)
(TodoCine) Co-prod: Fama Films (Sp). Budget: $400,000. Int'l sales: TodoCine. Dist: TodoCine, Fama Films. Road movie. A young traveller kidnaps a 10-month-old baby from destitute farmers. Exec prod: Hector Menis. Prod: Gabriela Schmidt, Maria Victoria Menis. Dir: Hector Menis. Scr: Menis, Alejando Fernandez Murray. Main cast: Leonardo Ramirez, Dario Levy, Monica Lairana.
Contact: Hector Menis, TodoCine, (54) 11 4806 2905/4702 5445

(Filmica del Sur) Comedy. A man goes to great lengths to maintain his five-year-old son's illusion about Santa Claus. Exec prod/dir/scr: Horacio Almada. Prod: Claudio Esposito. Main cast: Ruben Doreki, Luis Margani, Daniel Valenzuela, Ana Celentano, Augusto Britez. Shooting in Buenos Aires in December 2000/2002/2003.
Contact: Horacio Almada, (54) 11 4247 4492

SANGRITA (aka las nenas)
(Diego Fried/Nicolas Gueilburt) Co-prod: Universidad Del Cine. Budget: $300,000. Black comedy. Two women and two men hole up in a mansion to wait in vain for the owner. Exec prods: Jorge Zelasco. Prods/scr: Diego Fried, Nicolas Gueilburt. Dir: Fried. Main cast: Ricardo Merkin, Maria Milessi, Natalia Lopez, Bernardo Fortesa, Osmar Nunez.
Contact: Diego Fried, (54) 11 4781 7111

(Kaos) Co-prod: Fuerte Apache Producciones. Budget: $542,049. Drama. A man whose father has just died becomes involved in a political plot surrounding the death of Argentinian president Juan Domingo Peron. Exec prod: Alejandro Bellotti. Prod: Sergio Hermenegildo Belotti. Dir: Sergio Hermenegildo Bellotti. Scr: Daniel Guebel, Luis Dziembrowski. Main cast: Antonella Costa, Rodrigo De la Serna, Luis Dziembrowski, Luis Rizon, Hayde Padilla.
Contact: Sergio Bellotti, (54) 11 4553 2841/4383 9095


(Lusitania Prods). Docu-drama. Prods: Andrea Ganassa, Emiliano Riasol, Luz Rocco. Dir/scr: Oskar Aizpeolea. Main cast: Pablo Ortolani, Gaston Santamarina, Maria Marchione, Fabio Aste, Leonardo Trento.
Contact: Oskar Aizpeolea, (54) 11 4963 2601

THE BLUE ROSE (la rosa azul)
(Lusitania Prods). Drama. Prod: Alejandro Sarquis. Dir: Oskar Aizpeolea. Main cast: Gabriel Rovito, Analia Gade, Pablo Ortolani, Asier Hernandez Landa, Roxana Berco.
Contacts: Oskar Aizpeolea, (54) 11 4963 2601

BLUE SKY, BLACK SKY (cielo azul, cielo negro)
(Barakacine Prods) Backer: Incaa. A triptych of stories. Exec prod: Marcelo Schapces. Dir/scr: Paula De Luque, Sabrina Farji. Main cast: Boy Olmi, Luis Ziembrowsky, Ines Rampoldi, Zoe Trilnick, Diana Lamas.
Contact: Marcelo Schapces, Barakacine, (54) 11 4924 0995

(Patagonik Film Group, Telefe) Co-prod: Alquimia Cinema (Sp). Budget: $1.75m. Dist: Buena Vista International (Latin Am). Romantic road movie. Exec prod: Francisco Ramos. Prod: Pablo Bossi, Carlos Mentasti. Dir/scr: Eduardo Mignona. Main cast: Norma Aleandro, Natalia Oreiro, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Hector Alterio, Alberto de Mendoza.
Contact: Octavio Nadal, Patagonik, (54) 11 4777 7200

(Carlos Piwowarski) Co-prods: Santiago Carlos Oves, Monica Roza, Pascual Condito, Tusitala (Sp). Budget: e780,000. Backer/int'l sales/dist: Primer Plano Film Group. Comedy. Exec prod: Monica Roza. Prods: Santiago Carlos Oves, Carlos Piwowarski, Roza, Pascual Condito. Dir/scr: Oves. Main cast: China Zorrilla, Eduardo Blanco, Ulises Dumont, Silvina Bosco
Contact: Carlos Piwowarski, (54)11 4542 4927

(Clips Prods) Budget: $464,300. Backers: Banco Banex. Int'l sales: Quimera Films. Dist: Cinemfilm. Police drama. Exec prod: Jorge Valencia. Prod/dir: Jaime Lozano. Main cast: Juan Leyrado, Manuel Callau, Daniel Miglioranza, Ingrid Pellicori, Sandra Ballesteros.
Contact: Jaime Lozano, (54) 11 4314 2656/4923 2922

A DAY IN PARADISE (un dia en el paraiso)
(Argentina Sono Film) Co-prod: Telefe, Patagonik Film Group. Int'l sales: Argentina Sono Film. Dist: Buena Vista International [Lat Am]. Romantic comedy. Exec prod: Jorge Roca. Prods: Luis Alberto Scalella, Carlos Mentasti. Dir: Juan Bautista Stagnaro. Main cast: Guillermo Francella, Araceli Gonzalez, Javier Lombardo, Claudia Fontan, Luis Brandoni.
Contact: Octavio Nadal, Patagonik Film Group, (54) 11 4777 7200

(Lusitania Prods) Drama. A director faces his fictitious characters. Prod: Alejandro SarquIs. Dir/scr: Oscar Aizpeolea. Main cast: Boy Olmi, Pablo Ortolani, Marilina Ross, Silvia Montanari, Jorge Azurmendi.
Contact: Oskar Aizpeolea, (54) 11 4963 2601

GOODBYE DEAR MOON (adios querida luna)
(Azpeitia Cine) Science-fiction. Exec prod: Rolo Azpeitia. Dir: Fernando Spiner. Main cast: Alejandro Urgapilleta, Alejandra Flechner, Gabriel Goity, Horacio Fontova.
Contact: Rolo Azpeitia, (54) 11 4963 2120

I AM YOUR ADVENTURE (soy tu aventura)
(Barakacine Prods) Backer: Incaa. Comedy. Exec prod: Marcelo Schapces. Dir: Nestor Montalbano. Main cast: Luis Aguile, Diego Capusotto, Luis Luque, Veronica Llinas, Jorge Marrale.
Contact: Marcelo Schapces, Barakacine (54) 11 4924 0995

(Direccion Provincial De Cultura Del Neuquen) Backer: Incaa. Int'l sales/dist: Direccion Provincial de Cultura del Neuquen. Comedy. Exec prod/dir: Patricia Martin Garcia. Main cast: Monica Galan, Augusto Britez, Edgardo Moreira, Lucila Delgado, Gladys Aristimuno.
Contact: Patricia Martin Garcia, (54) 11 4953 5574

(La Fin del Mundo) Budget: $300,000. Comedy thriller. Exec prod: Horacio Labrana. Prods: Leonardo Fabio Calderon, Dario Calderon. Dir/scr: Leonardo Fabio Calderon. Main cast: Diego Mackenzie, Daniel Ritto, Divina Gloria, Geniol, Alejandro Musso.
Contact: Leonardo Calderon, La Fin Del Mundo, (54) 11 4362 3864

THE WHORE AND THE WHALE (la puta y la ballena)
(Patagonik Film Group) Co-prod: Wanda Vision (Sp), Historias Cinematograficas. Budget: $2.75m. Dist: Buena Vista International [Lat Am]. Drama. Exec prods: Pablo Bossi, Luis Puenzo. Prod: Cecilia Bossi. Co-prods: Jose Maria Morales. Dir: Luis Puenzo. Main cast: Aitana Sanchez Gijon, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miguel Angel Sola, Merce Llorens Sierra, Lydia Iamaison.
Contact: Octavio Nadal, Patagonik Film Group, (54) 11 4777 7200

(Aquafilms) Co-prod: Nisarga. Drama. Exec prod: Veronica Cura. Dir/scr: Enrique Pineyro. Main cast: Mercedes Moran, Enrique Pineyro, Alejandro Awada, Carlos Portaluppi.
Contact: Roberto Servera, Aquafilms, (54) 11 4802 4218/4809 3698