Hong Kong's Daniel Wu and Chinese actress Zhou Xun are set tostar in Nana, the feature debut of acclaimed music video director SusieAu which starts shooting tomorrow (March 24) in Hong Kong.

Producedby Philip Lee's October Pictures and Au's Handmade Films, the film will be shotin Hong Kong, Shanghai and Harbin with release tentatively scheduled for theend of the year.

Beijing-based Concord Creation Film Studio is co-producing whileTaiwan's Tony Yang, who recently appeared in Formula 17, also heads thecast.

Lee describes the film as a stylish love story-cum-thrillerwhich will be targeted at a youth audience. "We're aiming to create a new stylefor Chinese cinema," says Lee, who was associate producer on CrouchingTiger, Hidden Dragon.

The story revolves around the themes of indulgence and destinyand a case of mistaken identity in the Hong Kong underworld.

"We've taken some cinematic cliches, in terms of characters andstory lines, and plan to turn them on their head," explains Au, an award-winningmusic video and TV commercials director, who is making her feature debut withthe project.

Lee and his partners in October provide production services forfilms such as Tomb Raider II and also produce their own projects. Lee'srecent production credits include Xie Dong's One Summer With You andKorean director Kwak Jaeyong's Windstruck, which he executive produced.