AV Pictures has sold its 3D project The Mortician to Grindstone for the US.

Other deals have been concluded with Germany (Ascot Elite), CIS (CP Digital), the Middle East (Falcon), and South Africa (VideoVision).

Gareth Maxwell Roberts directs the urban noir thriller set in a decaying metropolis. The cast includes Method Man and Edward Furlong.

Also, UK distributor Showbox has acquired Truth or Dare from AV.

Robert Heath’s British thriller, about teenagers taken hostage by a psychopath and forced to play a deadly party game, will have its first market screening at AFM.

The ensemble cast includes David Oakes, Jennie Jacques, Liam Boyle and Jack Gordon.

Matthew McGuchan wrote the script. Producers are Richard Johns and Rupert Jermyn.

Meanwhile, Peter Mullan, Jack O’Connell and Kierston Wareing have joined Tim Roth and Talulah Riley in the cast of Craig Viveiros’ road movie thriller The Liability, which is being sold internationally at the AFM by AV. The film starts shooting in the UK on Nov 21.