Studio Babelsberg has reaffirmed its interest in locating film production facilities at Berlin's historical Tempelhof Airport after a public referendum at the weekend failed to attract enough support to prevent the airport's planned closure this autumn.

Speaking to the local newspaper Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten on Monday, Studio Babelsberg president and CEO Carl Woebcken said his company still had the 'serious desire' to develop part of the Tempelhof site as a third production hub in the region alongside Babelsberg and Adlershof.

According to the newspaper, the studio is looking at transforming former aircraft hangars into sound stages and locating Europe's largest props and costume store on the site. Twenty to thirty percent of the 386-hectare airport grounds are intended to be used for film production.

The news of Babelsberg's possible expansion to a second site comes as the studio's latest international production, Warner Bros.' Ninja Assassin, began shooting in the centre of Berlin on April 27 under the direction of James McTeigue. He previously shot V For Vendetta for producer Joel Silver at the studios in 2005.