Bankside Films has taken on feature documentary Jig by Sue Bourne and will introduce the film to buyers at EFM.

The 90-minute doc is about the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships, which brought thousands of dancers to Glasgow, Scotland for seven days.

The project was funded by the BBC Scotland, BBC Knowledge Commissioning and Creative Scotland. Arrow Films has taken all UK rights (excluding those held by the BBC) for the film and will release in the second quarter in 2011.

“It is rare that we find a documentary with true universal appeal but that is what Sue Bourne had created in Jig. International audiences have already shown enormous interest in this unique art form but what Sue has created is a beautifully crafted, human story centered around this most spectacular of dancing events,” said Hilary Davis, co-managing director of Bankside Films.

Tom Stewart, head of acquisitions at Arrow, added: “We’re so excited to bring this incredibly enjoyable film to the UK/Eire audience, continuing our relationship with Bankside Films and collaborating closely with producer/director Sue Bourne. Jig has something for all ages and it’s really amazing that a film about this subject matter has not been made before now.”

Bourne previously directed My Street and Mum & Me.