Paolo Baratta has been confirmed as the president of the Venice Biennale arts festival.

His responsibilities include the film festivaland events covering art, music, architecture, theatre and dance.

Baratta'snomination wasapproved bythe Italian parliament and he will now take over the reins from outgoing president Davide Croff who tendered his resignation along with his board.

Baratta will hold the position for four years (2008-2011).

It is the second spell as president for theformer banker, government minister. Baratta held the role in 1998-2002.

Baratta will work with a board comprised of local Veneto politicians including Massimo Cacciari - Venice's Mayor - who will serve as councilman and Vice President.

The remaining council members will be Giancarlo Galan (President of the Veneto Region, Davide Zoggia (President of the Venice Province) and Giuliano da Empoli appointed from the Culture Ministry.

The new board - headed by Baratta will formalise the appointment of the new Venice Film Festival director. Marco Mueller is expectedto continue in the post.