James Blackthorn (alias Butch Cassidy) raises horses in Bolivia, but is dying and wants to return to the US. Along the way he crosses paths with a young Spanish mining engineer accused of robbing a mine, and the two slowly strike up a friendship. 

Prod Companies: Aiete-Arianne Films (Spain), Arcadia Motion Pictures (Spain), Zeus Films (Taiwan).

Backers: TVE

Budget: N/A

Producers: Andres Santana

Int’l sales:  TVE

Director: Mateo Gil

Screenplay: Mateo Gil

Cast: Sam Shepard, Eduardo Noriega

Locations: Spain and Bolivia

Shooting from when until when: Early 2010 (exact dates TBC)

Contact: Laura Garcia, TVE, +34 915 817 801, laura.garcia@rtve.es