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Source: Disney

‘Black Panther’

Marvel Studios’ behemoth surged past the milestone on Saturday (March 10) after 26 days in release to become Disney’s 16th release to accomplish the feat.

Black Panther becomes the fifth Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) title to cross $1bn alongside The Avengers, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: Civil War.

Internationally, it stands at $479m and will soar past the $500m mark this weekend as Disney executives estimate China will generate a Saturday in the $27m range following the $22m Friday opening day.

The tentpole stands at $521m in North America, where it ranks as the ninth highest release and is on course to become the second highest superhero release of all time when it overtakes The Dark Knight on $535m.

It has already achieved the following accolades: highest February debut on $202m over three days and $242.1m over four; fifth highest three-day debut; biggest Monday of all time on $40.1m, second biggest Sunday on $60m; second biggest second weekend on $111.6m; and top non-holiday third weekend on $66.3m.

By the start of Saturday the film had reached approximately $963m worldwide and needed some $37m to cross the milestone. Around $27m of that will have come from China, with the $10m balance from North America and other international markets.

By Friday, Black Panther had reached $51.5m in the UK, $41.9m in South Korea, $27.1m in Brazil, $23.4m in Australia, $23m in each of France and Mexico, and $22m in China.

Disney will provide a full update on Sunday.