UPDATED AUGUST 18: DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon 2 ruled the international roost on $37.7m, powered by a mighty $25.9m debut in China through Oriental DreamWorks.


UPDATE: The animation has amassed $366m overall, mostly through Fox International, and is on course to overtake Rio 2 and become the biggest animation at the international box office of the year-to-date. At the worldwide box office it has soared past $500m to stand at $537m.

The Chinese launch in 3,379 locations delivered a debut that according to Fox International sources was eight times larger than that of the original.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 opened top in Italy on an impressive $3.1m from 676 and added $2.3m from 1,082 in its fourth session in Germany to rank fourth and climb to $19.9m. The UK has generated $36.2m after six and France $24.6m after seven. Spain has produced $8.6m after three.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes pulled in a further $16.7m from 65 markets as it swung to $337.2m. Once again Germany was the lead holdover market on $3.8m from 782 for $12.4m after two, while France produced $3.6m from 750 for $29.5m after three and the UK $1.9m from 781 for $50.5m after five, respectively.

After four sessions, Apes stands at $22.7m in Brazil after four and $24.2m in Mexico.

The Fault In Our Stars added $4m from 37 markets for $148.7m and opened at number four in a highly competitive South Korea on $1.8m from 317 and Venezuela in second place on $1.4m from 68.

Let’s Be Cops opened day-and-date with North America, scoring approximately $728,000 from the Netherlands and Romania.


UPDATE: Guardians Of The Galaxy surged towards the $200m threshold as a further $35.2m according to confirmed numbers on MOnday morning (August 18) boosted the international running total to $197.6m.

The Marvel Studios release has reached $419m worldwide and launched in France and Sweden at the weekend, grossing $7.2m and $3m, respectively.

That $196.4m tally through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International already puts the release ahead of the $194m lifetime total of Captain America: The First Avenger, with releases still to come in China, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Guardians stands at $31.5m in the UK, $30.4m in Russia, $16.6m in Mexico, $14m in Australia, $13.6m in Brazil, $10m in South Korea, $7.2m in France, $5m in Malaysia and $4.8m in the Philippines.

Singapore has generated $4.1m, Thailand $4m, Argentina and Sweden $3.6m, Hong Kong and Taiwan $3.1m and Spain $3m.

Maleficent has grossed $507m internationally to overtake the $505m set by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and rank as the third highest grossing international release of 2014.


UPDATE: Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed $26.1m to elevate the tally after two sessions to $68.1m. The global haul has reached $185.7m.

The action release opened top in Brazil on $6m and held on to number one in Russia as $5.1m boosted the tally to $20.9m after two. There was another strong table-topping hold for the Turtles, adding $3.1m in Mexico for $13.2m. It opened top in Argentina on $1.1m.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction added $8m for $810.8m to become the sixth biggest international performer of all time. The global tally is $1.054bn.

Japan generated $3.4m in the second session during Obon holidays to stand at $17.9m, while Spain has produced $5.1m and Germany $36.6m.

Hercules took $4.5m from 43 territories to reach $80m and $148.1m worldwide. The adventure opened in Italy on $1.9m from 204.


EuropaCorp’s Lucy brought in $22m overall, including Universal territories to reach $61m. TF1’s comedy behemoth Qu’est Ce Qu’On A Fait Au Bon Dieu? grossed a further $4m to reach a staggering $120m.


Kim Han-min’s South Korean smash The Admiral: Roaring Currents soared past the $100m mark as a further $20m elevated the running total to $110m through CJ E&M, which handles local distribution and  international sales.

The epic crossed 11m admissions in record time earlier this month and overtook Disney’s Frozen to rank as the biggest release in South Korea for the year so far. South Korea’s Sea Fog added $6m for $7.5m.


The Expendables 3 is understood to have amassed approximately $15m through Nu Image licensees in around 39 territories. Heading into the session, industry observers anticipated highlights from the UK, Australia and Spain. Full results are expected early in the week.


Summit Entertainment’s Pompeii scored a $6.5m number two Chinese debut that propelled the overall running total to $85.3m.

Step Up All In brought in a further $4.2m from 38 markets to reach $46.4m, mostly through Lionsgate International licensees. Universal territories have contributed $10.5m. The music drama arrives in 14 new markets this week including Italy and Spain. France currently ranks as the top market on $7.4m, followed by CI Son $6.3m.


UPDATE: Into The Storm grossed a confirmed $6.7m from 29 markets to bring the estimated tally to $18.6m. The thriller debuted in France on $1.3m from 308 screens to rank sixth and opened top in Hong Kong on $1m from 57.

Russia was the key holdover on $1.4m from 1,033 for $5.3m after two sessions. Malaysia has produced $1.9m, Taiwan $1.7m and Thailand $1.4m. Into The Storm opens this week in Germany and Japan.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno performed well in its third weekend in Japan, adding $3.5m from 438 for $31.3m to surpass the entire run of the original by approximately 6%.

Blended stands at $77.2m.


Entertainment’s comedy smash The Inbetweeners Movie 2 added $7m to reach an eye-popping $42m from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.


UPDATE: Cameron Diaz comedy Sex Tape grossed $4m from 36 markets for $33.3m and opened in the Philippines  on $264,000 from 83 screens.

In the second weekend, a further $940,000 in Mexico elevated the running total to $3.8m, while the Netherlands generated $550,000 for $2m.

Sex Tape stands at $6.7m in Australia after five, $6.2m in Russia after three and $3.8m in Spain after four.

22 Jump Street added $3.3m from 35 for $114.1m and took $190,000 in its first six days in Thailand.

21 Jump Street did not release in Thailand.

Germany produced $2m for $11.8m after three sessions, while the UK has amassed $31.5m, Australia $21.3m, Russia $9.6m and the Netherlands $4.8m.


UPDATE: The $9m horror sequel The Purge: Anarchy has raced to $100.9m worldwide after adding $2.1m from 32 territories for $30.8m.

The Universal Pictures International release has overtaken the $26.6m lifetime international gross of The Purge.

Universal distributes Lucy everywhere except France, Belgium, Netherlands and Hong Kong, and the studio reported $12.9m from 24 territories for a $31.4m Universal running total.

The action thriller opened top in Germany on $5.1m from 458 sites for the fifth best debut of the year-to-date and in a record Luc Besson launch opened top in Austria on $943,000 from 73. It also arrived at number one in Poland on $885,000 from 113. There are 36 Universal territories to go.

The Expendables 3, which Universal is distributing in Russia, Spain and Italy, opened in Russia and Spain on Thursday (August 14) on $3.8m from 1,025 sites and $1.7m from 300, respectively.

Neighbors added $1.7m from 15 for $114.5m and brought in $1.2m from the second session in France for $3.8m.

Step Up All In, which Universal is distributing in 18 territories, has reached $10.6m. Universal handles Boyhood in all territories except France, Belgium and Netherlands and Richard Linklater’s coming-of-age drama stands at $8m.