Universal and Legendary’s Jurassic World continued to dominate the globe as a muscular second session propelled the smash within swiping distance of $1bn. Warner Bros’ San Andreas crossed $400m worldwide.

Jurassic World


Jurassic World added an estimated $160.5m from international 66 territories via Universal Pictures International to reach $583.1m, while the global haul stands at $981.3m factoring in $398.2m from North America.

The behemoth will this week pass the $640m lifetime total of Jurassic Park including first-run, re-issues and 3D to become the biggest in the franchise.

China leads the way on $167.1m, followed by the UK on $59.7m, Mexico $29.4m, South Korea $27.7m, Germany $26.3m, France $24.5m and Australia $23.5m.

Jurassic World has generated $17.8m in Russia, $16m in Taiwan, $15.5m in Brazil, $14.5m in India, $13.6m in Spain, $11.7m in Italy, $8.9m in Malaysia, $8.8m in Venezuela and $8.5m in the Philippines.

The adventure is the last territory to go and will open in Japan on August 5.

Imax generated $22.1m worldwide from 809 venues for $84m to cross $80m in a record 12 days that supplanted the previous 23-day speed record set by Avatar.

Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions ventured into its first four international territories and delivered $12.3m from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, opening top everywhere except Australia where it ranked number two behind Jurassic World.

The Despicable Me spin-off scored the biggest opening weekend of all time for an animated film in Indonesia and Malaysia and the second biggest animated debut in Singapore behind Kung Fu Panda 2.

This week the family release arrives in the UK, Brazil and Poland among others.

Pitch Perfect 2 continues its run in 46 territories and grossed $1m for $94.5m and stands at $272m worldwide.

There are 13 territories to go including Chile this week.


Pixar’s Inside Out launched day-and-date with North America in approximately 24 territories and took $41m. The global launch amounted to $132m factoring in the superb $91m result in North America.

The film scored the biggest debut for an original animation property and the fifth biggest animation launch of all time in Mexico on $8.8m and the biggest launch for an original animation property in Russia on $7.7m.

In other key markets Inside Out grossed $5.2m in France ahead of Fete du Cinema this week and school holidays on July 3 and took $3.6m in Australia.

The animation grossed $3.3m in Argentina and $3.1m in Brazil, while Colombia produced $1.7m and Panama $1.6m. It opened top in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America, Venezuela, Portugal and Ukraine.

Tomorrowland added $1.8m for $108m and Avengers: Age Of Ultron stands at $918.4m.


Soi Cheang’s martial arts extravaganza SPL2: A Time For Consequences starring Tony Jaa vaulted to $40m on the back of a $29m weekend. Bravos Pictures Limited handles international sales on the Hong Kong-China-Thailand film.


San Andreas crossed $400m worldwide as $18.8m from approximately 7,400 screens in 68 markets elevated the international running total to $282m and the global haul to $414.2m.

The disaster film added $9.9m from 1,410 in China for $92.5m after 20 days in release and become on Sunday the studio’s biggest release in Mexico, where $1.1m from 711 resulted in $28.1m.

The UK has generated $16.5m, South Korea $12.7m, Brazil $10.1m and France $7.7m. San Andreas arrives in Spain this week.

Mad Max: Fury Road surged past $200m as $4.9m from approximately 3,591 screens in 56 markets pitched the international running total to $202.5m. The R15-rated action reboot opened in second place in Japan on $2.1m from more than 660 screens.

South Korea is the lead market on $29.7m, followed by the UK on $26.1m, France on $18.6m, Australia on $16.4m, Russia on $13.3m, Brazil on $11m, Germany on $9.1m, Mexico on $8m, Spain on $4.2m and Italy on $3.4m

Entourage grossed $3.2m from 1,704 screens in the UK, Australia and 30 smaller markets to reach an early $9.5m. It opened in the UK on $1.1m from 409 and opens this week in France.


Spy recouped a further $9.6m from 61 markets to boost the tally to $96m and opened at number three in France on $1.4m from 351 screens. 

The UK generated $1.4m from 546 in second place for $11.3m after three weekends, while Germany delivered $1.1m from 622 for $3.9m after three.

Fox International Productions’ Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F used an outstanding $7m haul from eight Latin American territories to propel itself to $37.9m.

The film opened at number three in Mexico on a terrific $3.5m from 713 and scored Fox’s sixth biggest number one debut in Peru on $1m from 171. The studio earned its sixth biggest opening weekend in Ecuador, where the film placed second on $518,000.

Poltergeist added $4.4m from 31 markets to reach $31.1m. Russia delivered the highest result of six new markets on $1.6m from 1,519 for third place.

The Longest Ride opened in the UK on $648,000 from 396 locations and stands at $23.7m internationally.


Insidious: Chapter 3 grossed $3m on 2,170 screens in 53 territories as the international running total climbed to $32.2m.

The horror debuted at number five in Argentina on $345,000 from 80, roughly 69% ahead of the previous episode.

Local Spanish rom-com Ahora O Nunca (Now Or Never) arrived in second place in Spain on $1.6m from 450 to rank as the best debut of the year-to-date for a local title.