UPDATE: Projected box office for all films released through Lionsgate International licensees in 2013 will reach $1.248bn, senior executives said on December 30.

The expected $1.068bn North American haul combines with international for a $2.316bn worldwide box office. This marks the second consecutive year the studio has grossed more than $1bn internationally and in North America and $2bn worldwide.

The top performer for Lionsgate, which has crossed $2bn worldwide, $1bn internationally and $1bn in North America in a calendar year for the second year in a row, is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The Young Adult sequel is on course to reach $408m internationally for the 2013 portion of its ongoing run and by year’s end will have amassed at least $799m worldwide.

Now You See Me – Lionsgate’s surprise major hit of the year – generated $236m in international markets, followed by Escape Plan on $100m, Red 2 on $91.3m and Warm Bodies on $54m.