DECEMBER 8 UPDATE: Lionsgate’s YA hit marches on as a confirmed $32.9m from 87 markets propelled the international running total to $306.6m and $564.7m worldwide.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 held on to number one in Germany for the third session on $4.4m for $29.6m and added $3.5m in the UK for $39.6m.

In Australia the film stayed top on $2.6m and reached $22.3m, while in France it added the same amount for $21.1m.

Mockingjay was the people’s choice in Brazil as $2.2m secured a number one hold and elevated the tally to $17.9m. Elsewhere the YA adaptation stands at $21m in Mexico, $17m in Scandinavia, $16.5m in Russia, $12.3m in Spain, $9.2m in Benelux and $5.7m in South Korea.

The film is on schedule to pass the lifetime gross of its predecessor in Italy this week after generating $10.3m.


Zhang Yibai’s Fleet Of Time opened in China on $29m, while John Woo’s The Crossing arrived on $8.1m.


UPDATED: DreamWorks Animation’s Penguins Of Madagascar gathered a confirmed $24.2m from 52 markets including eight new markets as the early running total flew to $94.9m.

The animation opened in third place in the UK on $2.5m and secured number one holds in six markets in the second session including Russia, where it added $4.6m for $15.4m, and Italy, where it delivered $1.9m for $7.1m.

The penguins added $3.1m for $36.6m in the third weekend in China and $1.1m for $2.9m in Spain after two. Malaysia has generated $2.3m after two and the UAE $1.7m after the same period.

Exodus: Gods And Kings marched into its first 11 markets for $23.1m overall led by $6.2m in South Korea for a record Ridley Scott debut, $4.5m in Mexico and $3.8m in Spain. All ranked number one.

The epic starring Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton opened in the latter’s home market Australia on $2.3m for number two, India on $1.6m, Hong Kong on $1.3m for number one, Thailand on $1.1m for number one and Argentina on $895,818 for number one.

The film also opened top in the Philippines on $682,269 and Colombia on $622,123.

The Pyramid opened day-and date with North America in 16 markets for $3.8m, earning $1.4m in Russia in second place, $638,000 in Malaysia for number one and $366,000 in the UK.

The Book Of Life stands at $41.9m and Gone Girl $176.1m.


UPDATED:Interstellar took one giant step towards $450m as a confirmed $23.5m from 64 markets boosted the tally to $435.1m.

China produced $7.2m for $119.3m to become the biggest Warner Bros and 2D Hollywood release ever, as well as the second biggest Hollywood release of the year-to-date behind Transformers 4 and Hollywood’s sixth biggest release of all-time.

Interstellar added $3.8m for $66.7m in South Korea, where it has also set records, ranking as the biggest Warner Bros and 2D Hollywood release ever and Hollywood’s fourth biggest release of all-time.

Elsewhere Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic stands at $30.3m in the UK, $24.9m in Russia, $20.6m in France, $16.8m in Germany, $15m in Australia, $12.7m in Italy, $9.9m in Spain and $6.6m in Japan.

Horrible Bosses 2 grossed $7.6m from 49 to stand at an early $23.4m and opened in Brazil on $1.2m in third place.

The comedy added $957,000 in the UK for $4.1m in the second session and stands at $2m in Germany, $2.9m in Russia and $1.9m in Mexico. It opens in Australia this week.


Paddington dominated the UK thanks to a $5.8m number hold that raised the tally to $15.9m.

The Imitation Game brought in $1.3m for the weekend for $17.5m and ranks as StudioCanal’s biggest release of 2014 to date.

The wartime thriller ranks as the company’s second biggest film ever and Paddington third, behind Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.


Big Hero 6 grossed $4m at the weekend for an early $62.8m running total. The film already ranks as the biggest Disney or Pixar release of all-time in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam and stands at the company’s second biggest film ever in Russia behind Frozen

It opened in Thailand on $1.3m on a record for a Disney or Pixar release that has already amassed more than the lifetime totals of Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph

Big Hero 6 opens this week in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Iceland and Hong Kong.


Fury grossed $3.7m for $97.5m, of which $1.4m came from Sony markets for $59.4m. The $38.1m balance comes from QED International licensees.


UPDATED: The Theory Of Everything kicked off internationally in Hong Kong and Taiwan this weekend on $312,273. Hong Kong produced $195,000 and Taiwan $118,000.

The film rolls out over the next few months, opening this week in South Korea followed by Austria, Germany, Israel and German-speaking Switzerland on December 25.

Ouija brought in $1.5m for $21.6m led by a $1.4m number three debut in Spain heading into Monday’s national holiday for the biggest horror launch of the year-to-date. It opens in Brazil this week.

German rom-com Alles Ist Liebe opened in Germany in fifth place on $1.2m and took $1.3m overall from Germany-speaking Europe.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 generated $901,000 in Italy through Universal for $1.30m.

Black Sea opened in the UK on $383,774. Trash has reached $4.7m, Dracula Untold $159.1m and Boyhood $19.9m.

Dumb And Dumber To, which Universal is distributing in seven territories, grossed $574,000 in four (Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland and Spain) for a total of $8.3m. The comedy arrives in the UK on December 19.

Billy Elliott The Musical Live, Universal’s alternative content title, opened in Japan on $47,000 from two sites. The international running total stands at $4.2m.


Jason Reitman’s Toronto world premiere Men, Women & Children debuted in three markets to boost the running total by $323,000 to $408,000. Brazil delivered $178,000. The drama opens in France, Germany and Spain this week.