NOVEMBER 24 UPDATE: Storming to a confirmed $276.2m worldwide, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 delivered $154.3m from the first five days in 85 markets through Lionsgate International licensees.


Combined with the $121.9m number one North American debut — the lowest score of all three in the franchise — the third entry in the YA series has already amassed more than one-quarter of Catching Fire’s final $864.9m global haul.

Studios sources said The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’s opening weekend exceeded that of its predecessor by roughly 4% in the same markets by the same stage.

The film set the biggest opening weekend of 2014 so far in a multitude of markets, led by the UK on $19.8m to beat Catching Fire by 5% and Germany on $13.8m for a 9% improvement.

Russia delivered $11.9m and a 19% gain, Australia $10.3m for the top launch of the year-to-date, Mexico $12m for more than 70% market share and Brazil $9m for close to 60% share. Argentina and Colombia produced approximately $1.9m and $1.5m, respectively.

Mockingjay – Part 1 scored $9.4m across Scandinavia, $5.5m in Italy via Universal, $5.4m in Spain, approximately $3.5m in South Korea for a 14% climb on Catching Fire, approximately $3.1m in the Philippines and $2.4m in Netherlands.

In other notable results, based on estimates, the film arrived on $2.2m in the Middle East, $2.1m in Switzerland, $2m in Belgium, $1.7m in each of Thailand, Taiwan and New Zealand, $1.6m in Austria, $1.5m in Poland and $1.3m in Hong Kong.


UPDATED: Another mighty session in China saw Interstellar add a confirmed $71.1m from 64 markets as the running total soared to $330.6m, combining with the disappointing $120.7m North American tally for $451.2m worldwide. Imax has accounted for $38.7m of the international total.

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi release arrived at number one in Japan on $1.7m from 515 screens.

China generated $30.9m in the second weekend to stay top and reach $82.3m and already rank as Warner Bros’ second biggest film in China after 12 days, behind 3D summer release Pacific Rim.

Interstellar stayed top in South Korea on $10.5m for $50.6m after three sessions and has become the biggest Warner Bros release of all time.

In other third-weekend highlights it added $3m for $25.3m in the UK, $2.4m for $16.6m in France, $2.4m for $13.3m in Germany, $2.7m for $21.9m in Russia and $1.9m for $11.3m in Australia.

Italy generated $1.6m for $10.4m, Spain $1.1m for $7.6m, Brazil $931,000 for $5.3m and Mexico $775,000 for $7.4m.


Roy Chow’s martial arts film Rise Of The Legend arrived on $11.9m in China. Universal holds all international rights excluding Asia, where Edko Films takes charge.


Fury added $12.4m from 48 markets for $74.4m, fuelled by a number four $6.7m debut in China through QED International. The South Korean launch generated $3.2m for third place. SPRI markets contributed $4.9m for the weekend for $51.1m. QED markets produced $7.5m for $23.3m.


DreamWorks Animations’ Penguins Of Madagascar delivered $8.7m in the second session in China to reach $23.3m.


Big Hero Six took a further $7m from a staggered distribution pattern that has produced $49.5m from the early stages. The animation has grossed $19.5m in Russia, $9.9m in Mexico and $3.9m in the Philippines.

It is set to open in Italy and Spain on December 18 and 19, Japan on December 20, Brazil on December 25, Australia on December 26, Germany and South Korea on January 22, the UK on January 30 and France on February 11.


The Imitation Game added $3.4m to reach $10.7m in the UK after two sessions.


UPDATED: Gone Girl generated a further $2.7m from 44 markets for $171.7m, while The Maze Runner added $1.9m from 26 for $234.5m.

The Book Of Life has reached $39.3m and Let’s Be Cops $43.7m.


UPDATED: As reported higher up, the studio released The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 in Italy on $5.5m.

Dumb And Dumber To brought in $2m from four territories to reach an early $6.1m. The Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels comedy sequel added $960,000 in its second weekend in Germany for $2.8m and $688,000 for $2.2m in Spain. Universal distributes in seven territories and will open the film in the UK on December 19, followed by Australia and New Zealand on January 8.

Dracula Untold added $1.8m from 49 for $156.4m, while The Boxtrolls grossed $1.2m from 42 for $56.1m. Ouija stands at $19.4m and Boyhood $19.4m from 20 Universal territories. Get On Up stands at an early $1.7m and debuted in the UK on $173,000.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed $1.2m from 19 territories and stands at $286m. It opens in Japan on February 7.