Ready Player One

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Ready Player One

APRIL 9 UPDATE: Ready Player One retained its global crown despite falling to A Quiet Place in North America as a confirmed $83.8m boosted the international running total to $297.1m and the worldwide tally to $393.7m.

Meanwhile A Quiet Place arrived in 40 markets via Paramount on $21m, while Peter Rabbit grossed a further $19.2m through Sony as the international tally climbed to $160.5m


UPDATED: Returning to Ready Player One, the Amblin Entertainment, Warner Bros and Village Roadshow sci-fi from Steven Spielberg hit RMB 1bn in China after two weekends, producing $43.7m (RMB 274.8m) over the Tomb Sweeping holiday to hold firm at number one and elevate the tally to $161.3m (RMB 1bn).

The sci-fi hit is active in 65 markets and the notable new release of the weekend was Germany, which returned $2.9m (including previews) at number one. In a raft of additional mighty second sessions, South Korea generated $4.6m at number two for $14.2m, while the UK delivered $3.3m in second for $16.2m.

Spielberg’s latest film stayed top in France on $3.4m for $11.7m, top in Taiwan on $2.9m for $8.1m following a 39% increase, second in Russia on $2.6m for $9.9m, and second in Australia on $2m for $6.7m.

Mexico produced $1.6m at number two for $7.3m, Spain $1.5m at number two for $5.7m, Hong Kong $1.5m at number one for $4.1m to become Spielberg’s third biggest release there behind Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

Ready Player One added $1.3m in Brazil for number three on as it climbed to $4m, and grossed $1.1m in Italy for number one to reach $4.5m and rank second. Japan is the final market on April 20.

Warner Bros and MGM’s Tomb Raider brought in a further $4.9m from 67 markets and propelled the international running total to $208.1m and the worldwide haul to $263.1m.

China remains the top market on $78.2m, followed by the UK on $10.4m, France $9.1m, Russia $7.5m, Germany $6.7m, Australia $4.94m, Indonesia $4.91m, Mexico $4.7m, Taiwan $4.6m, Brazil $4.4m, and Spain, South Korea and Japan each on $4.2m.

Game Night opened in Mexico on $654,000 and stands at $38.8m overall with France, Spain, Italy and Brazil to come. The UK has been the most lucrative market so far on $6.7m.


John Krasinski’s horror film and recent SXSW opener A Quiet Place, the weekend’s number one release in North America on an estimated $50m, launched in 40 markets and grossed an impressive $21m.

Paramount Pictures International executives claimed that when compared on a like-for-like basis it came in 79% ahead of Get Out, 70% ahead of Don’t Breathe, 14% ahead of The Conjuring, and on par with Split.

A Quiet Place opened at number three in the UK on $3.6m, debuted top in Mexico on $2.7m, third in Australia on $2m, second in Brazil on $1.9m, second in Taiwan on $1.1m, and top in Malaysia on $760,000.

In a series of number one debuts, Thailand delivered $663,000, the UAE $575,000 (the Middle East markets combined for $1.3m), Argentina $463,000, and Colombia $394,000. The horror starring Krasinksi and Emily Blunt opened at number five in India on $375,000, number two in Sweden on $285,000, and number three in Peru on $242,000.

The film is active in approximately half of the international marketplace, with Russia, South Korea, and Germany to come this week, followed by Spain on April 20, France on June 20, and Japan on October 19.

Family animation Sherlock Gnomes added $2.7m from 29 markets for $11.9m and opened in Australia on $1.5m. The film debuts this week in France and Italy.


UPDATED: Peter Rabbit grossed a further $19.1m from 59 markets over the weekend to boost the tally to $161.3m and $274.6m worldwide. The family smash ranks number one in 10 markets and stayed top in the UK for the fourth consecutive weekend as $4.1m boosted the take to $44.8m.

Peter Rabbit debuted in France in second place on $2.9m including previews. China stands at $25.9m after six weekends, Australia $11m after three, Germany $10.6m after three, Russia and Spain $8.9m and $6.6m also after three, and Mexico $4.3m after four. South Korea and Japan receive the film in May.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle opened in its final market of Japan on $3.4m including previews as international climbed to $547.1m and worldwide to $950m. China is the top market on $76.1m, then the UK on $51.9m, and Australia on $37.9m.


UPDATED: Pacific Rim: Uprising generated a further $8.4m through Universal markets for $113.9m and and $168.8m worldwide. Including China, where the film added $4m for $98.2m through Legednary East, the international running total and global haul stand at $212.1m and $267m, respectively.

After three sessions Legendary Entertainment’s sci-fi sequel stands at $11.2m in Mexico, $11.2m in Russia, $6.3m in Malaysia, approximately $5.9m in Indonesia, and $5.6m in Taiwan. It arrives in Japan this week.

The R-rated comedy Blockers opened day-and-date with North America, generating $3.1m for an early $10.6m. It opened in 11 markets, among them Ukraine on $169,000 and Sweden on $125,000, and in the second weekend added $1.3m in Australia for $5.3m, and $755,000 in the UK for $4.1m. The comedy ventures into Germany this week.

Spanish-language title Champions (Campeones) opened locally at number one on $2.4m. The Boss Baby added $2.3m for $24.6m, and The Post used $1.2m to climb to $38.3m. Lady Bird has reached $23.2m, Mary Magdalene $9.9m, and Darkest Hour $90.6m.


UPDATED: Black Panther brought in a further $4.4m as the international running total reached $634.6m and worldwide climbed to $1.299bn. China is the lead market on $104.5m, followed by the UK on $67.6m, South Korea on $42.8m, Brazil on $36.1m, and France on $31.7m.

Coco added $3.5m for $580.3m and stands at $790.3m worldwide. China and Mexico are the Oscar-winning Pixar animation’s runaway top markets on $183.5m and $57.9m. A Wrinkle In Time added $2.4m for $26.4m.


UPDATEDRed Sparrow grossed $4.7m from 50 markets to stand at $91.6m and the Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller opened in France at number three on $2.3m. The final release will be in Russia on May 31.

Gay comedy drama Love, Simon added $3.2m five for and early $5.5m from five, fired up by a $1.6m number four UK debut, and $804,000 in Brazil for fourth place. Australia produced $711,000 for $2.7m after two weekends.

The Greatest Showman stands at $247.3m, while Isle Of Dogs added $1.2m in its second weekend in the UK to push the cumulative total to $5.5m from the first international market. Wes Anderson’s Berlinale opener arrives in five markets this week including France, Australia, and Belgium.

Baaghi 2 held on to top spot in India for the second weekend in a row as $4.1m propelled the running total to $25.7m there and $26.2m overall.