UPDATE: MGM-Columbia’s RoboCop emerged as the dominant US film of the session thanks to an estimated $34.8m haul through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and MGM licensees that raised the early overall tally to $69.9m.

The action reboot took $28m through SPRI for $49.9m, while MGM’s $6.8m haul raised the running total to $20.6m.

RoboCop ranks number one in 15 markets and opened top in Russia on $5.6m from 1,153 screens. Jose Padilha’s reboot starring Joel Kinnaman debuted at number three in South Korea on $3.7m from 635 and arrived in second place in Mexico on $2.9m from 564.

The film added $2.6m in the UK through StudioCanal to boost the tally to $8.2m, while Indonesia pulled off a superb number one debut of $1.9m from 220. Australia added $1.5m from 227 for $4.1m after two sessions.

A further $1.4m from 423 in France elevated the score there to $4.4m after two, while $1.2m in Germany from 488 resulted in $3.6m, both in the second weekend through MGM licensees.

SPRI debuted the film in Thailand at number one on $1.3m from 183 and opened it in second place in Spain on $1.2m from 367. Hong Kong opened top on $1.1m from 84, as did Argentina on $750,000 from 104, Peru on $632,000 from 98 and Colombia on $615,000 from 161.

RoboCop’s IMAX gross is project to stand at $5.2m by Monday (17).

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 grossed $1.8m from 23 markets to reach $148.2m. American Hustle added $1m from 23 SPRI markets to reach $10.1m. The film is understood to have reached $65m through all distributors including Panorama licensees.

  • UPDATE: Warner Bros Pictures International top brass reported that The Lego Movie added $28.4m including previews from 42 markets to reach an early $52.3m.

The family film arrived top in the UK on $13.2m including previews from 1,166 screens and shored up approximately 50% of the top five market share.

In other debuts, Holland generated $951,000 including previews, Sweden $681,000 and Norway $587,000.

In the second weekend holdovers, Mexico produced $2.4m for $7m, Brazil $1.5m for $3.9m tohold at number one, Spain $1.5m on a number one hold for $3.7m and Denmark $691,000 for $1.6m. The film arrives this week in France and Italy.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug stands at $604.2m and Gravity $432.6m.

  • Beijing Love Story delivered $25m in China through China Lions Films. The Monkey King added $13m for $147m and The Man From Macau $10m for $67.5m.
  • Frozen added a further $18.2m through 40 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International territories as the running total climbed to $579.7m and $955.7m worldwide.  

The animation smash’s lead market has become South Korea on $66.4m, followed by the UK on $60.9m, Germany on $47.1m, France on $42.3m and Russia on $30.3m.

  • UPDATE: The Monuments Men opened in 19 markets through Fox International in the WWII adventure’s first proper session outside North America. It grossed $8.75m for $8.78m and made the biggest splash in the UK on $2.7m in second place. George Clooney and his band of art saviours also prospered in Italy on $2.1m in second place and in Brazil on $1m at number two.

DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman grossed $4.6m to raise the early running total from four markets to $11.9m. The animation opened in France at number three on $1.7m from 915 screens and added $2.3m in its second weekend in the UK for $9.5m.

The Book Thief earned $2.8m from 29 markets for $33.7m. The bulk of the box office came from Brazil on $942,756 for $4.2m after three sessions. Devil’s Due stands at $13.5m and BBC Earth and Reliance Big’s Walking With Dinosaurs has taken $88.7m including IM Global markets, which account for $10.9m.

  • UPDATE: Universal Pictures International opened the romance Endless Love in 25 territories for a $3.7m haul to reach $4m by February 17. The top results came from the UK on $1.2m at number seven and Australia on $1m in fourth place.

Nine Universal territories generated a further $6.4m for The Wolf Of Wall Street for $96.5m and executives expect the dark comedy to cross $100m this week. The overall international running total including Red Granite International and Paramount Pictures International (PPI) markets stands at $175m. PPI’s Japanese running total after three sessions stands at $5.8m.

Italian comedy Sotto Una Buona Stella opened top in Italy on $6m from 513 reaching $6.3m by February 17. Russian 3D fantasy adventure Viy added $2.1m for $32.6m.

The Physician (Der Medicus) has reached $46.8m and Universal holds rights to the English-language German production in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland. It stands at $41m in Germany after seven sessions.

Universal re-released Vivir Es Fácil Con Los Ojos Cerrados (Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed) after the six Goya Award wins last weekend. The film initially opened in November 2013 and added $465,000 for $1.4m.

About Time stands at $71.8m while 47 Ronin added $3.1m from 34 territories for $104.8m. Last Vegas, which Universal releases in 13 territories, grossed $1.4m from three Universal territories to reach $24.9m. Ride Along has reached an early $4m, while All Is Lost has grossed $3.2m from Universal territories. Lone Survivor has grossed $3.3m after three sessions in the UK.

  • Lionsgate International executivs reported that 12 Years A Slave added $4.9m to reach $69.8m. The drama has grossed more than $1m from Latin America and suprassed lifetime estimates for all Latin American territories in release.
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit grossed $3.5m from 51 markets through PPI to reach $74.6m. Despite heavy snowstorms in Japan the thriller ended the session as the number one US release on $1.3m from 333 screens.
  • StudioCanal opened the Nick Frost film Cuban Fury in the UK and emerged from a weather of drastic weather fluctuations on $1.7m.