UPDATE: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug delivered a second mighty session in a week as a confirmed $99.7m through Warner Bros Pictures International propelled the tally to $424.8m and the worldwide haul to $616.1m.


The fantasy sequel from Warner Bros, New Line and MGM played on 15,782 screens in 61 markets and is tracking roughly the same as 2012 predecessor An Unexpected Journey.

Smaug delivered two outstanding debuts. It opened top in Australia on December 26 on $12.9m from 629 screens and claimed 51% share of the top five to track 6% behind Journey. Poland resulted in number one and the biggest opening weekend in history on $5.6m from 425 screens including previews.

The film held on to pole position in Germany as $15.8m from 1,460 boosted the score to $61.6m to make the film the biggest of the year and stay on a par with Journey by the same stage. In the UK a further $9m from 1,203 resulted in $48m, around 18% below the original.

Smaug held firm at number one in France for the third consecutive weekend, too, after $8.8m from 888 pushed the running total to $38.5m, some 15% ahead of Journey.

The film stands at $18.6m in Spain where it ranks number one for the third straight weekend and has generated $15.2m in South Korea, $15m in Italy, $14.6m in Mexico and $14.3m in Sweden where it ranks as the number one release of the year. Brazil has produced $14.1m. Smaug will open in China on February 21 and in Japan a week later.

Gravity has amassed $405.6m and stands at $13.2m in Japan after three weekends. China has generated $68m, France $47.6m, the UK $43.5m, South Korea $29.2m and Russia $21.2m. Australia has delivered $19.6m, Mexico $17.6m, Germany $17.4m and Spain $11.1m. As reported previsouly, Italy on $8.6m and Brazil on $8.1m are final results.

  • Frozen’s international running total surged to $243.5m following a $50.5m weekend gross from 43 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International territories, while the global tally stands at $491.9m. The film was on course to cross $50m worldwide on December 30.

The UK leads the way on $38.8m and the film is on target to become the biggest Disney Animation Studio release on December 30. Germany has generated $34.5m, France $30.7m and Russia, where the film has overtaken Tangled to become the biggest Disney/Pixar release, has produced $24m so far.

Spain has produced $14.5m, Mexico $14m, Italy $13.9m, Australia $6.5m and Poland $5.5m.

The Australian weekend debut generated $5.3m rising to $6.5m including previews for Disney/Pixar’s third biggest debut behind Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3. The next major launch is Japan on March 15. China is yet to be set.

Saving Mr Banks grossed $300,000 and stands at an early $6m. The UK has grossed $5.9m. Thor: The Dark World stands at $427m.

  • UPDATE: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty arrived through Fox International, grossing $27.2m from 4,172 screens in 39 markets. Italy led the way for Ben Stiller’s adventure romance on $4.9m from 351 including previews, followed by the UK on $4.1m from 650, Australia on $3.2m from 248, Spain on $3.1m from 374, Mexico on $2.5m from 1,013 and Brazil on $2.2m from 407.

Mitty is poised to debut in 22 markets next weekend, including top markets Germany, Russia, France, Germany, South Korea, Argentina and Holland.

Walking With Dinosaurs added $12.2m from 8,273 screens in 49 markets to reach $33.1m after two sessions. The family title added $1.5m in the UK from 784, $1.3m in France from 843, $840,675 in Mexico from 804, $774,284 in South Korea from 360 and $699,795 in Japan from 600. It opens in Australia this week.

  • Chinese title Police Story 3 grossed $18m to reach $39m, while Personal Tailor added $12.5m for $68m and South Korea’s The Attorney grossed $12m for $33m. Russian title The 4G Theory grossed $7m.
  • UPDATE: 47 Ronin expanded through Universal Pictures International into 29 international markets over the session, adding $14.7m from 2,296 sites for an early $23.2m.

The martial arts film arrived at number one in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Taiwan, Thailand and select Middle East markets. It opened in the UK on $2.3m from 375 and in Spain on $1.9m from 344. The film opens in a further 35 markets over the coming months including Russia on January 1.

Universal holds German-speaking rights to the adventure title The Physician (Der Medicus) set in 11th Century Persia and the film, which stars Stellan Skarsgard and Ben Kingsley, opened in those territories on $11.9m from 746. Germany delivered the bulk as expected on a number two $10.5m debut from 625.

Universal distributes Italian comedy Colpi Di Fortuna in Italy and it added $6m in the second weekend from 601 for $11.7m.

Despicable Me 2 has reached $553.2m internationally and $920.7m worldwide. About Time stands at $65.1m. All Is Lost has grossed $1.3m from Universal so far – the distributor acquired 36 territories – and the survival story starring Robert Redford opened in the UK on $380,000 from 89 at number 12. Argentinian hit Foosball stands at $20.7m from five markets through Universal, while UPIE acquisition Moshi Monsters: The Movie has reached $1.3m in the UK after two weekends. Universal holds rights in the UK and Australia, which is set to open on February 20.

  • UPDATE: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire crossed $400m thanks to a $10.5m weekend haul through Lionsgate licensees in 85 markets that propelled the running total to $404m. Japan opened on a weak $540,000. The UK remains the lead market on $52.3m, followed by Germany on $39.8m and Australia on $33.1m.
  • Anchorman 2 used an $8m weekend haul from six markets to reach $24.5m through Paramount Pictures International and has already exceeded the final lifetime gross of the 2004 original by a factor of five. It grossed $4.4m in the UK for $14.4m. Australia added $3m for $9.5m. Bad Grandpa stands at $43.6m.
  • The Wolf Of Wall Street grossed $6.5m mostly through Red Granite International licensees and took $460,000 in French-speaking Switzerland through Universal.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International executives reported that Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 grossed $5.7m from 43 markets to reach $121.8m.

The family film opened in Italy at number eight on $2.2m from 460 and arrived in Hong Kong on $410,000 from 60 for number six, Belgium on $400,000 from 100 for an unconfirmed rank and Japan on $145,000 from 117 for 13th place.

In the second weekend Spain generated $1.2m from 471 to rank fifth on $3.1m. Australia has produced $7.9m after four sessions.