UPDATED: Thor: The Dark World continued to impress as it generated an estimated $94m from 66 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to boost the running total to $240.9m.

Combined with the $86.1m North America debut, the Marvel Studios release has raced to $327m worldwide. The original film finished on $268m internationally.

Thor 2 opened at number one in China on $19.6m (Rmb 120m) to surpass the opening weekend of The Avengers and overtake the 2011 original’s Rmb 94.5m local currency final total.

The film has grossed $24.1m in Russia, $22.6m in the UK after two weekends, $15.9m in Brazil, $15.7m in Mexico, $14.9m in France, $14.4m in South Korea, $14.1m in Germany, $13.4m in Australia, $7.4m in Taiwan, $6.9m in Malaysia, $6.8m in the Philippines, $6m in Spain and $5m in Singapore.

Thor 2 screened on 270 international IMAX screens for $5.6m, $3m of which came from China. It opens in Italy on November 20 followed by Japan on February 1 2014.

Planes added $3.9m for $129.5m and arrives in Japan on December 21.

  • UPDATE: Gravity brought in a further $28.3m — $2m more than Sunday estimates — through Warner Bros Pictures International from 5,895 screens in 61 markets as the tally climbed to $243.3m. The highlight was a $910m number one launch in the UK on 1,367 screens. 3D accounted for 89% of the number. Gravity launches in China on November 20 and Japan on December 13. The Conjuring stands at $179.3m and We’re The Millers at $116.3m.
  • UPDATE: Lionsgate International reported that Escape Plan debuted in China on a confirmed $22.8m in the first week. Overall the film took $25.3m for $63.5m. Prisoners stands at and opened in Mexico on $400,000 from 275 and Italy on $828,000 from 262 for number three. The international running total stands at $52.4m.
  • Medusa’s Sole A Catinelle added $10.7m for $44.4m.
  • UPDATE: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 grossed $7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 4,385 screens in 42 markets to reach an early $80.5m. After three weekends the animation has grossed $16.3m in the UK, $10.8m in Russia and $8.1m in Germany.

Captain Phillips also brought in $7.2m and has reached $54.7m from 53 markets. The thriller has grossed $21.6m in the UK after four sessions. It opened at number four in Brazil on $770,000 from 204.

Carrie has amassed $6.9m through SPRI and $8.9m through all distributors and opened in Japan on $690,000 from 286.Insidious: Chapter 2 stands at $49.9m and Stalingrad $64.2m from three markets. The Russian tally alone has reached $50.2m, confirming the historical epic’s status as the second biggest film of the year.

  • UPDATE: Fox International reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo added a confirmed $4.3m from 3,720 screens in 19 markets to reach $191.4m.     

The Counselor stands at $7.7m from nine markets and opened in Australia on $1.2m from 296. Philomena added $2.3m from 529 in the UK for an excellent $7.7m after two weekends.

Fox International Productions’ Septimo took $1.4m from 331 screens in Spain to debut at number two. The Wolverine stands at $283.9m.

  • UPDATE: Despicable Me 2 has grossed $549.3m through Universal Pictures International. About Time stands at $38.3m. Robert Redford survival tale All Is Lost, which UPI distributes in a handful of territories, opened in South Korea on $36,851 from 32 theatres.
  • Rush crossed the GBP 10 mark in the UK and stands at $16.1m.