UPDATED JAN 27: Red Granite’s dark comedy dominated the international arena for a second consecutive session as an estimated $36m boosted the running total to $85m.

The global tally for The Wolf Of Wall Street including the North American haul throgh Paramount stands at $183m. Full territory results are expected this week.

  • Frozen has reached $810.3m to become the tenth Walt Disney Studios release to cross the threshold. It overtook The Lion King at the weekend to become the second biggest original animated release in history behind Finding Nemo and now also ranks as the seventh biggest animation of all time.

A $20.2m weekend haul from 52 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International boosted the international tally to $462.5m.

The UK has produced $57.7m, Germany $45m, France $41.2m, Russia $32.9m, Australia $27.9m, Italy $26.6m, Mexico $24.5m, South Korea $22.6m after two weekends heading into Chinese New Year and Spain $20.3m.

  • Despite its lacklustre North American launch at number six, I, Frankenstein mustered around $13m through Sierra/Affinity licensees.
  • UPDATE: Fox International released I, Frankenstein in Russia on behalf of A-Company and the horror title opened top on $6.4m from 1,829 screens day-and-date with North America. The film generated $1m overall from international IMAX appointments and $2.5m worldwide.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty grossed a confirmed $4.4m from 52 markets for $113.4m led by France on $693,495 from 364 and an opening weekend in Sweden of $481,990 from 136. Reliance Big and BBC Earth’s Walking With Dinosaurs arrived in Italy on $2.2m from 566 to rank third. The film added $4.4m from 33 markets for $79.2m including IM Global markets.

The Book Thief raised its early tally by $3.8m from 23 to $17.5m with only five of the top 15 markets in release. Devil’s Due added $1.9m from 15 for $5.6m and opened in Brazil on $432,916 from 167 and Holland on $328,530 from 42. The Counselor has earned $53.4m.

  • UPDATE: Universal Pictures International’s Despicable Me 2 held on to pole position in China for the third weekend in a row as $5.2m from 4,500 sites elevated the running total to $43.5m. The international tally stands at $596.9m and the film will cross $600m within days.

The Wolf Of Wall Street, which Universal is distributing in nine European territories, grossed $17.4m from 1,832 venues in Universal’s eight active territories to reach $52.9m. 

The dark comedy ranked number one in Germany as $5.5m from 651 boosted the tally to $14.1m. Der Medicus ranks number two on $2.4m from 768 and has amassed $40.8m after 33 days. The film’s overall tally is $40.7m from four territories.

Wolf stayed top in the UK too, as $5.9m from 496 elevated the score to $17.7m. It also stayed top in Spain on $3m from 330 for $8m after two weekends. Ride Along, still the number one title in North America after two sessions, opened in five territories on $750,000 from 106 venues.

47 Ronin grossed $2.6m from 2,185 dates in 46 territories for $83.8m and opened at number two in Chile on $242,000 from 51. The action film has grossed $25.8m in Russia after four weekends and has 14 territories to go over the coming months including Germany, Mexico and Brazil this week.

Last Vegas, which Universal is distributing in 13 territories, grossed $1.5m from 620 for $19.5m and opened at number eight in Italy on $561,000 from 210.

  • Paramount Pictures International’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit arrived in 12 new territories and grossed a further $14.3m from 41 territories to reach an early $46.5m.

The UK led the new markets on $2.1m from 404 while Argentina generated $183,000 from 65. China produced $5.5m in the second weekend for $20.9m and Australia added $950,000 from 228 for $3.6m. Russia has produced $3.5m.

  • Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones added $4.5m from 41 territories to stand at $50.5m and delivered a $1.4m debut in Australia from 204. Brazil stands at $4.8m after three sessions, Mexico $6.4m after four and Germany $5.4m after four.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa stands at $47m and opened in Russia on $2.1m from 450. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has reached $42.3m.

  • UPDATE: Lionsgate International’s 12 Years A Slave brought in $9.6m for $37.4m from 29 markets and has reached $80.6m worldwide. The film debuted in 10 new markets led by a number one score in France on $2.5m from 207. The drama ranks number two in the UK and added $3.7m from 481 for $18.2m. It opens this week in Australia.
  • UPDATE: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug added $5.7m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 60 territories and stands at $595.3m. Germany leads the way on $85.9m followed by the UK on $69.5m and France on $50.3m, Russia on $45m, Australia on $32.5m, Spain $23.2m and Sweden on $20m. The fantasy sequel opens in China on February 21 and Japan one week later.

Gravity used its ongoing awards success to coax a further $2.1m from 35 markets, bringing the tally to $427.3m and counting.

  • UPDATE: American Hustle is approaching $50m at the international box office. The ensemble drama generated $1.7m from 22 markets to reach $3.7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International and has amassed approximately $41m through Panorama licensees.

The film has grossed more than $18m in the UK where it is a recrod release in the territory for David O Russell and debuted at number three in Argentina on $350,000 from 79. It opened in Venezuela on $110,000 from 21 and has generated $1.9m in Mexico after two weekends. Spain, Japan, Germany, France and Russia are set to open in the next several weeks.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 added $1.6m from 30 for $138.9m and opened in Turkey at number five on $395,000 from 135.

  • StudioCanal released Inside Llewyn Davis in the UK on $1.2m including previews.