TheUK's Peter Mullan, Germany's Daniel Bruehl and Spain's Luis Tosar will star in Cargo, a UK-Spanish thriller starting shooting next week for French salesand financing company Wild Bunch.

Documentary film-maker CliveGordon will make his feature debut with a script by Ken Loach's longtimescreenwriter Paul Laverty. Set on a cargo ship travelling to Europe, theco-production from Slate Films in the UK and Morena Films in Spain will shootin Barcelona and Accra, Ghana. DeAPlanteta will distribute in Spain.

Bruehl plays a young backpackertravelling around Africa who stows away in the hold of a ship travelling toEurope. Mullan plays the mysterious captain.

Gordon said Mullan's character is"a man who, having lost faith in hisown capacity for good, seeks to destroy everything that might lead him to aredemption he craves."

He added: "He has retreated from life into the "Gull",a dead ship, with his crew of weird hand-picked no-hopers from around the world- all bound by an intense and mysterious loyalty which we, as the viewer, seekto understand. There is a secret onboard which they must protect at all costs."

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