Magnolia International has closed multiple territories on hot Norwegian creature feature Troll Hunter ahead of the genre film’s second market screening today

Laird Adamson has licensed Andre Ovredal’s film to the UK (Momentum), Australia (Madman), Japan (Twin), Canada (Alliance), Brazil (Paris) and Thailand (IPA).

As previously announced Universal picked up rights in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia (including CIS and Baltics), Austria, Switzerland and Benelux.

The company has sold rights on Casey Affleck’s Joaquin Phoenix documentary I’m Still Here to: Italy (Mocajo), Germany (Koch), Spain (Avalon), Portugal (Clap), Russia (Film Depot), Middle East (ECS), Mexico (Canana), Iceland (Greenlight) and airlines (EIM). Sales to the UK (Optimum), Australia and New Zealand (Village Roadshow) and Canada (D Films) and Scandinavia (Non-Stop) were previously announced.

Documentary Smash His Camera went to Australia and New Zealand (Madman), the UK (BBC), France (Wild Side), Germany (Redbull), Spain (Forta), Italy (Vitagraph), Canada (CBC), Israel (Yes-DBS) and airlines (EIM).

Mandrill has gone to Japan (Nikkatsu), France (We Productions) and Middle East (ECS).

Magnolia International licensed rights to Alex Gibney’s documentary Casino Jack And The United States Of Money to Japan (Nikkatsu), Australia (SBS), Scandinavia (Smile), Israel (Yes-DBS), Canada (VVS) and airlines (EIM).