Cannes 2007 line-ups

Midnight Screenings, out of competition
Go Go Tales by Abel Ferrara
U2 3D by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington
Boarding Gate by Olivier Assayas

Special Screenings, out of competition
11th Hour by Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners
The War by Lynn Novick and Ken Burns
He Fengming by Wang Bing
Retour En Normandie by Nicolas Philibert

Boxes by Jane Birkin
Roman De Gare by Claude Lelouch
Centochiodi by Ermanno Olmi
Ulzhan by Volker Schloendorff

Cannes Classics
Maurice Pialat, L'Amour Existe by Anne-Marie Faux and Jean-Pierre Devillers
Brando. by Mimi Freedman and Leslie Greif
Lindsay Anderson, Never Apologize by Mike Kaplan
Pierre Rissient by Todd McCarthy

Aditi Singh by Mickael Kummer
Ahora Todos Parecen Contentos by Gonzalo Tobal
Your Younger Daughter Rachel by Efrat Corem
Chinese Whispers by Raka Dutta
For The Love Of God by Joseph Tucker
Goyta by Joanna Jurewicz
Halbe Stunden by Nicolas Wackerbarth
Minus by Pavle Vuckovic
Pathways by Hagar Ben-Asher
Imprudence by Alexander Kugel
A Reunion by Sung-hoon Hong
Rondo by Marja Mikkonen
Ru Dao by Chen Tao
Saba by Thereza Menezes and Gregorio Graziosi
Triple 8 Palace by Alexander Ku
Vita Di Giacomo by Luca Governator

Short Films
Resistance Aux Tremblements by Olivier Hemon
Run by Mark Albiston
The Oates' Valor by Tim Thaddeus Cahill
The Last 15 by Antonio Campos
Grandma by Anthony Chen
Ark by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
Ver Llover by Elisa Miller
To Onoma Tou Spourgitiou by Kyros Papavassiliou
Looking Glass by Erik Rosenlund
My Sister by Marco Van Geffen
My Dear Rosetta by Hae-hoon Yang