ScreenDaily brings you a round-up of the deals at this year’s Cannes Marche.

Hyde Park’s Unbound Captives

UK (Entertainment)

Spain (Aurum)

Benelux (RCV)

Scandinavia (Scanbox)

Turkey (Aqua Pinema)

Portugal (Lusomundo)

Middle East (Phars)

Myriad’s Serious Moonlight

Italy (Bim)

Latin America (Swen)

Benelux (Films De L’Elysee)

Eastern Europe (SPI)

Middle East (Eagle)

Greece (Spentzos)

Portugal (ECM)

Turkey (D Productions)

IM Global’s Bitch Slap

UK (Momentum)

Germany (Splendid)

Spain (TriPictures)

France (Euro TV)

Japan (AMG)

Coproduction Office’s A Town Called Panic

UK (Optimum)

Australia (Madman)

Korea (Jin Jin)

Greece (La Strada)

Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam (Suraya)

Middle East (Media International)

Switzerland (Frenetic)

Media Asia’s The Warlords

Italy (Minerva)

Spain (Mario Pimentel)

Media Asia’s City Of Life And Death

Taiwan (Applause)

Malaysia (Golden Screen)

Thailand (Rose Media)

UK (High Fliers)

CJ’s Thirst

Germany (MFA+)

Australia (Madman)

FYROM (Discovery)

Portugal (Ecofilmes)

CJ’s Mother

Australia (Madman)

Brazil (Paris Filmes)

CJ’s Sophie’s Revenge

Japan (Nettai)

William Morris Independent’s Paris, Not France

France/Benelux (Pretty Pictures)

Fortissimo’s Basquiat, Magic Bus, and Louise Bourgeois: The Spider The Mistress And The Tangerine

France/Benelux (Pretty Pictures)

Roissy’s Io, Don Giovanni

Korea (Line Tree)

Taiwan (Zeus International/Khan Entertainment)

Hong Kong (Edko Films)

Roissy’s Sister Smile

Korea (Mars Entertainment)

Taiwan (Joint)

Hong Kong (Edko)

Canada (Seville)

Switzerland (Xenix)

Roissy’s The Beaches of Agnes

Korea (JinJin)

Roissy’s Seraphine

Hong Kong (Edko)

Wide Management’s Lola Montes and classics collection

Brazil (Immovision)

Films Distribution’s Tomorrow At Dawn

Canada (Metropole)

Central Europe (Russian Report)

Films Distribution’s YSL

Benelux (ABC)

Australia (Hopscotch)

Portugal (Midas)

Films Distributoin’s Stella

Argentina (Primer Plano)

Films Distribution’s The Horde

Brazil (California Filmes)

Australia (Hopscotch)

Films Distribution’s Salamandra

Middle East (Jaguar)

Films Distribution’s Karl Lagerfeld

Benelux (ABC)

Kimmel’s Trust

Mexico (Gussi)

Benelux (A Film)

Greece (Village Roadshow)

Portugal (Lusomundo)

Turkey (Aqua)

Kimmel’s Sympathy For Delicious

Italy (CDI)

Thailand (IPA)

Indonesia (PT Amero)

Kimmel’s The Greatest

UK (High Fliers)

Italy (Mediaset)

Russia (Soyuz)

Kimmel’s An Invisible Sign Of My Own

Italy (Mediafilm)

Hong Kong (Edko)

Bavaria’s Van Dieman’s Land

UK (High Fliers)

Bavaria’s Bad Day To Go Fishing

Greece (PCV)

Bavaria’s Everyone Else

CIS (Russian Report)

Bavaria’s Let The Right One In


Hong Kong (Edko)

Colombia (Cinecolombia)

Bavaria’s Troubled Water

Taiwan (Khan)

PorchLight’s Passchendaele

UK (High Fliers)

Japan (AMG)

Australia (21st Century)

Holland (DFW)

Scandinavia (Atlantic)