The new company says it aims to give artists creative autonomy.

Berkeley Square Films, the new production and financing company, has unveiled its slate of films, which includes Depravity, to be directed by Berkeley partner Paul Tamasy, and What’s Left Of Us, starring Channing Tatum (pictured).

Tamasy, also a partner in Berkeley, is co-writing Depravity with Dennis Lehane. Meanwhile Tamasy is also co-writing Bullet with Eric Johnson.

What’s Left Of Us is based on Richie Farrell’s novel High On Crack Street, which is based on Farrell’s own experience of a seven-day detox. It is a gritty, realistic look intside the head of junkie with an inspirational ending. Farrell is adapting it into a screenplay.

Tamasy said: “Berkeley Square’s mantra is to go back to the 1970s approach to film-making where the artists have complete creative autonomy while still ensuring that the money actually makes it to the screen rather than into the studio’s pockets.”

The company recently announced its first feature film, The Black Pearl, to be directed by Berkeley board member Mark Hamill, who is writing the script with Tamasy and Johnson. The film will be executive produced by Michael Uslan (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins) and is based on the best-selling comic book mini-series and graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics.