Upcoming films from Marco Van Geffen, Mahmoud Al Massad and Mai Masri are among 15 projects to be presented at the financing event.

The Cannes L’Atelier, aimed at helping emerging filmmakers complete the financing on their upcoming films, has announced the 15 projects that will be presented this year.

They include the second film from Marco van Geffen, whose Among Us premiered at Locarno to critical acclaim last year, and the latest feature from Jordanian Mahmoud Al Massad, whose past works include the documentary Recycle and the short film Shatter Hassan.

Launched in 2005, L’Atelier has presented film projects from 115 directors since its creation. To date, 72 films have been made and 20 are in pre-production.

The initiative — running May 18 to 25 during the Cannes Film Festival — is aimed at finding finance for projects by upcoming directors in an advanced state of development and with a producer attached.  

This year’s projects are:

Odysseys, dir. Malek Bensmaïl (Algeria)

To Kill A Man, dir. Alejandro Alemandras (Chile)

Du, Zooey and Ma, dir. Robin Weng (China)

Underground Fragrance, dir. Pengfei Song (China)

Des Etoiles, dir, Dyana Gaye (France/Senegal)

The Untold Tale, dir. Shivajee Chandrabhushan (India)

Run, dir. Philippe Lacôte (Ivory Coast)

Blessed Benefits, dir. Mahmoud Al Massad (Jordan)

In Your Name, dir. Marco van Geffen (Netherlands)

3000 Nights, dir. Mai Masri (Palestine)

The Last Land, dir. Pablo Lamar (Paraguay

The Dog Show, dir. Ralston Jover (Philippines)

Tristes Monroes, dirs.Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt (France/Portugal)

Touch Me Not, dir. Adina Pintilie (Romania)

Cannibal, dir. Manuel Martín Cuenca (Spain)

A booklet detailing the projects, Le Livres des Projets, will be made available on the website of the Cannes Cinefondation at the beginning of April. www.cinefondation.com