London-based Ravensbourne, Skillset and the UK’s Women in Film and TV are hosting a 3D panel here in Cannes today (at 10:30 at the UK Film Centre).

Turning a Gimmick into a Storytelling Tool will have speakers including producer Gareth Unwin (The King’s Speech, The Flying Machine), Vertigo’s Allan Niblo (StreetDance 3D); Vision 3 producer Adam May; and Picturehouse’s Clare Binns. Screen International will moderate.

Ravensbourne hosted a similar 3D Storytelling event in London in January, and is now planning another two day event with Pinewood at July 28-29. That event will cover topics such as the creative process, 2D to 3D conversation, case studies. It will also include hands-on practice.

Ravensbourne is also here offering 3D MoTs for London-based freelancers and smaller creative companies.

Carrie Wootten, Ravensbourne Co-Director, 3D Storytelling said: ‘Following the great success of our 3D Storytelling events in London, the Cannes Film Festival will be an opportunity for us to take our knowledge of the technical and creative issues around 3D, connect with further industry practitioners, and promote our free industry consultancy service, 3D MOT. This is a great opportunity for eligible companies to access free bespoke business support and advice on how to 3Dify their outputs. We are also partnering with Women in Film and Television in Cannes this year, and hope that we will be able to reach a diverse range of companies who can make use of our services.’

Ravensbourne is a college — also offering 2 MAs in Stereoscopic, as well as a digital hub.