French sales outfit Coach 14 celebrated its first birthday at the European Film Market with healthy sales on Panorama selection Shiver. Directed by Isidro Ortiz, the horror was sold to MPI for the US and Canada, Legend in German-speaking territories, Cinetel for Eastern Europe, Cinevideo y TV for Mexico and Central America and Delta Films in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Coach 14 says that advanced negotiations are underway for the UK, Scandinavia, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Jeff Nichols' English-language Shotgun Stories continued to accrue sales with 791Cine taking the thriller for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. Atalanta bought Shotgun in Portugal while talks are advancing on Spain, German-speaking territories and Mexico.

Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's El Rey De La Montana also continued its run with Cinetel taking Eastern European rights while Miguel Garcia Borda's Broken Bonds was also sold to Cinetel for Hungary.