ContentFilm International has taken on international rights to Splinter, which it will launch in Cannes.

Toby Wilkins will make his feature debut with the horror-thriller screenplay written by Ian Shorr and Kai Barry.

Ted Kroeber and Kai Barry will produce the project, which will shoot this summer. Casting will be announced soon.

The story follows two couples who try to escape a virus-like monster that inhabits its victims bodies.

Wilkins was selected by Sam Raimi to direct Tales Of The Grudge, a series of short films to promote The Grudge 2. Wilkins has also done visual effects and design work for the likes of James Cameron, Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer. His shorts including Staring At The Sun have played at Sundance.

ContentFilm's Jamie Carmichael said: 'We loved the script and having met Toby we committed our investment there and then. Splinter is going to freak some people out.'