Prolific Danish film-maker Ole Bornedal (Deathwatch) is to direct Deliver Us From Evil, a $5m thriller due to shoot later in the year. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) is poised to join the cast.

Bornedal describes it as 'an extremely violent story' in which a family man is thrown together with a refugee who has survived torture and imprisonment in the Yugoslavian war.

The thriller is being made through Thura Film and will be sold by sold by Nordisk. Bornedal is in talks with US and Canadian investors to board the project, likely to shoot in English.

Bornedal has been in Cannes this weekend, touting of a host of new films.

Here in the market, his award-winning family thriller The Substitute is sold by Nordisk. Bornedal has completed another feature, Just Another Love Story.

Meanwhile, he has several other new projects in advanced development. Further down the line, he is planning a hip-hop dance film, Beat, billed as a modern version of West Side Story.

He is also plotting a British caper film called Lady And The Thief, to be made through Thura.