Danish cinemagoers came out in support of local cinema in 2007, with the local market holding steady as it has roughly the past decade.

About 3.2m tickets were bought for Danish films, representing 27% of the total admissions tally of 12.1m.

For the year, overall ticket sales were down 3.5%, which is relatively healthy compared to other European territories. The Danish Film Institute noted that a rainy summer led to unusually good ticket sales.

The domestic market is still going strong but according to chief secretary of the Producers Organization, Klaus Hansen, the numbers don't reveal that some producers are suffering. Danish film is certainly not in a crisis, but the average admissions of 124,000 is down from 10 years ago when averages were about 160,000-170,000.

Also, with more films being made, the Danish Film Institute's backing is spread to more recipients, now typically 30-40% of a film's budget, down from 70% 10 to 15 years ago. Private capital, however, is increasing.

'A few years ago it wasn't unusual to sell more than half a million tickets for a big Danish success. Those times are over and it is getting more and more difficult for the producer to earn a profit in the cinemas alone,' Hansen told ScreenDaily.com. 'That's why we need to reverse the situation and get more of a balance between public and private funding.'

There are a number of high-profile Danish films coming in 2008, including Niels Arden Oplev's Worlds Apart. His last film, We Shall Overcome, boasted 400,000 admissions in 2006.

Also, A Soap director Pernille Fischer-Christensen will offer Everybody's Dancing. More than 25 Danish features are expected to be released theatrically in 2008.

Danish Box Office 2007 Top 10 (with gross in US dollars)
Pirates of the Carribean - At World's End $10.5m
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $9.7m
Shrek the Third $7.1
Ratatouille $5.6m
Die Hard 4.0 $4.89m
The Simpsons Movie $4.59m
Anja and Viktor - Flaming Love (Denmark) $4.5m
Spider-Man 3 $4.2
The Gold of Valhalla (Denmark) $3.57m
Temporary Release (Denmark) $3.35m

Source: FAFID - Film Distributors Organization