Arclight genre label Darclight has announced that two films are about to go into pre-production.

The supernatural thriller Possession, adapted from Peter James's novel, and Beowulf - Alien Meets Braveheart, inspired by the 9th Century Beowulf poem, both involve the UK's Spice Factory and film financier Movision Entertainment.

The UK/Canadian co-production Possession is to be directed by Stuart Baird (Star Trek Nemesis, US Marshalls), financed by Movision Entertainment, and produced by Spice Factory, Ministry Of Vision and Transfilm.

The story involves a car crash, a doubting mother and the medium who confirms her disbelief that her son is dead, and a dark secret. There are high hopes that cameras will roll from June 2004.

Beowulf is a blood-soaked medieval tale of a brave and powerful warrior's battle with a great and murderous troll. The part fable, part horror story is written and co-produced by Andrew Rai Berzins, will be directed by Sturla Gunnarsson (Such a Long Journey, Rare Birds) and is to be shot in Iceland.

The producers include Paul Stephens and Eric Jordan of The Film Works of Canada, Michael Cowan and Jason Piette from the Spice Factory, and Fridrik Thor Fridriksson of The Icelandic Film Corporation.