The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (DCAA) has commissioned three Emirati filmmakers - Ali F. Mostafa, Nayla Al Khaja and Khalid Ali - to make short films for a new cultural initiative, Soul Of Dubai.

The three 15-20 minute films, which are aimed at showcasing the growth and cultural diversity of the city, will be screened at the next edition of the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai in April, 2013.

Mostafa’s film, Don’t Judge A Subject By Its Photograph, is a drama set in Dubai’s art scene, revolving around a woman who works in an art gallery, an art critic and a photographer. Mostafa previously directed City Of Life, which won best Emirati film at DIFF in 2007.

The Neighbour, from Al Khaja who is the UAE’s first female filmmaker, follows the story of an anorexic ex-pat in Dubai who strikes up a friendship with her Emirati neighbour. Al Khaja has previously directed four well-received shorts including the first Emirati-Indian film Malal.

Also an acclaimed short filmmaker, Ali is preparing Night, about an Emirati family preparing for the traditional Hag Alilah festival.

“The three filmmakers selected for the inaugural Soul Of Dubai represent the rich cinematic talent in the UAE who are at the forefront in driving the growth of the Emirate film industry,” said DCCA project & events director Salem Belyouha.

Soul Of Dubai will also fund projects across the visual arts, performing arts and literature.