UPDARED JUL 8: Universal’s family smash ranks as the number one film worldwide after a confirmed $85.1m international haul combined with the $142.9m North American July Fourth weekend for $290.2m.

The animation sequel scored Universal’s second biggest international launch behind Fast & Furious 6 earlier in what has became a spectacular summer for the studio.

Despicable Me 2 played in 7,068 venues in 45 territories and combined with a handful of holdovers in the UK, France and Australia to reach $147.4m outside North America.

It ranks number one in 41 and scored table-topping debuts in 36 out of 38 new territories this weekend, scoring.

The weekend delivered the biggest opening for an animated film in Latin America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam, the biggest opening in history in South Africa and Venezuela and Universal’s biggest debut in Latin America and South Africa.

By way of comparison Despicable Me grossed $71.2m from the same number of days in the same 45 territories.

Mexico led the way on $15.3m from 610, followed by Brazil on $6.8m from 420, Germany on $6.1m from 679, Indonesia on a magnificent $4m from 100 and Spain on $3.3m from 505.

The UK led the holdover territories on $6m from 537 for $34.8m, France on $5.9m from 862 for $15.8m and Australia on $4.3m from 274 for $20.6m.

Despicable Me 2 will open in 18 new territories in the coming months and arrives next weekend in Estonia, German-speaking Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

The aforementioned Fast & Furious 6 is up to $460.3m following a confirmed $7.1m weekend in 2,470 venues in 60 territories. The global tally including $235.4m from North America stands at $695.7m.

The action thriller opened in Japan on Saturday on $2.3m from 323 and is projected to gross $4.3m over the weekend for the biggest opening weekend of the franchise. The film arrives in China on Jul 26.

  • World War Z crossed $200m on the back of another mighty weekend through Paramount Pictures International. The zombie action thriller added $45.2m from 8,420 sites in 54 territories to reach $207.4m.

In three number one opening results France generated $7.8m from 707 locales, while the Netherlands delivered $1.1m from 117 and Belgium produced $980,000 from 73. The film opened in Poland on $555,000.

South Korea led holdover business on $4.8m for $28m, while Russia added $4.6m for $20.5m, Mexico $3.7m for $15.7m and Germany $3m for $12.4m.

Brazil generated $2m for $8.3m after two weekends and Australia added $1.8m for $13.5m after three. World War Z opens next weekend in Denmark, Israel, Norway and Sweden followed by Spain and Japan later this summer.

Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $2.2m from 2,735 cinemas in 32 territories and stands at $220.8m and opened in Spain on $1.3m from 556. The sci-fi sequel arrives next week in Greece followed by Japan, Argentina and Chile later in the summer.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International executives reported that Monsters University added $29.5m to reach $184.4m, buoyed by a two-day $8.3m haul in Japan that registered the third biggest Pixar debut behind Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo as well as Japan’s biggest opening day and opening weekend of the year-to-date.

It crossed the $400m worldwide mark on Sunday [7], becoming the 12th consecutive Pixar film to do so and the second fastest to achieve this after Toy Story 3.

Mexico has generated $34.7m, Russia $18.9m, Australia $14.2m, Argentina $13.9m, Brazil $13.2m, Germany $10.4m, Spain $10m, Japan $8.3m, Colombia a staggering $7.7m and Taiwan $5m. The film arrives next weekend in the UK and France.

The Lone Ranger launched in the first wave of international markets and scored $24.3m to combine with the disappointing $48.9m North American debut for an early $73.2m worldwide running total.

Russia posted the top result on $6.6m, followed by $3.2m in Australia, $1.8m in Italy and $1.6m in each of Argentina and South Korea.

The adventure opens next weekend in Brazil, among others, and arrives in Mexico on Jul 19, Japan on Aug 2, France on Aug 7, Germany on Aug 8 and the UK on Aug 9. Spain debuts on Aug 23 and China has not set its date.

  • Man Of Steel added $21.3m from 10,000 screens in 62 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International to cross $300m and reach $315.6m.

In its second weekend in Australia, Superman grossed $3.8m from 553 for $15.7m and ranks second. China generated $5.8m for $58m after three and the UK added $1.1m for $43.6m after four.

Mexico stands at $20.8m after four, France $16.7m after adding $1.6m in the third weekend and South Korea has amassed $15.1m after four. After three weekends Russia has produced $10.6m, Germany $8.8m, Spain $8.6m and Italy $5.7m. The film arrives in Brazil this week [12] and in Japan on Aug 30.

The Hangover Part 3 grossed $3.7m from 3,090 in 50 to reach $235.3m. The comedy has taken $3.3m in Mexico after two weekends and stands at $29.8m in Germany, $29.4m in the UK, $20.3m in Australia, $17.5m in Russia, $16.6m in Brazil, $16.5m in Italy, $15.7m in France, $6.8m in Spain, $6.2m in Holland and $1.8m in Japan.  

  • Lionsgate International reported that Now You See Me grossed $8.5m from approximately 1,850 screens in 57 markets to reach $59.1m and cross $165m worldwide. The mystery opened in second place in the UK on $4.4m over four days from 476 and opened in fourth place in Brazil on $1.2m from 226.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International top brass said White House Down brought in a further $6.8m from 25 markets for a $17.4m running total. The thriller debuted in Taiwan on $1.3m from 106.

After Earth stands at $140.2m and added $1.2m in Spain for $5.7m after two weekends. This Is The End has amassed an early $5.1m.

  • The Heat grossed $4.7m through Fox International and stands at an early $6.1m. The comedy opened in Russia and Germany on $1.8m and $1.7m, respectively.

Epic earned $1.8m for $134m and The Internship grossed $3.5m for $20.4m, boosted by $1.2m from the UK in a number three debut.

  • StudioCanal reported that Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring opened in the UK on $216,000 from 66 sites.